Powerful Mantras For Each Zodiac Sign During This Upcoming Shift


Lately, we have all been feeling some crazy energies. Some things are chaotic, and others seem to flow effortlessly.

With an even more intense shift right around the corner, it’s imperative to keep yourself aligned in the best way possible.

What better way to do that, than with a powerful, uplifting mantra personalized especially for your star sign?



This blaze within me ignites the passion of my soul. When I masterfully channel this fire into strength and strategy, I win. I slay my own ego to arise with greater courage and power. I am a warrior of bold love.



I possess a goldmine of divine light within me. The alchemy of my Inner Gold is the wellspring fueling my destiny.

My heart’s desire lies in protecting those I love, my soul tribe. I rise to new levels of valour with resilience and dignity.



I sense a turning point of purpose approach.

It’s time to articulate my personal manifesto. Relationships may test me, but as my confidence bolsters so does my intelligence.

I open to flashes of insight from the collective consciousness and follow my curiosity to new levels of awakening.



I feel like an unstoppable force of bold love. I’m a survivor and can transform my vulnerability into personal power.

I am the generator of my own abundance when I tap into my special gifts and express them confidently. When I do the work that’s required I feel like I can change the world and shift paradigms.



Destiny is calling me. Fate is on my side. When I align my specialness to a higher purpose, the Universe conspires to manifest my desires.

My grand metamorphosis requires the transformation of ego from the tomb to the womb.

My heart is renewing to the innocence of the divine child – radiant, joyful and pure. My inner royalty is ready to emerge and receive its due admiration.



I’m devoted to the mastery of myself. From my inner sanctuary, I refine, perfect and polish my mind and message.

As I embody my creative power, I see beyond the surface and allow no one to manipulate me. What’s essential is that I never betray myself. As I illuminate my deepest motivations, the alchemy of my shadow is purified with fire.



My heart is brimming with hope for the expansiveness of life itself. I rise to my responsibility as a heart-centred leader and mother-protector.

I balance kindness with assertiveness to achieve creative potential in partnership. As I take bold action the future looks bright with possibility.



My confidence is radiant, powerful and magnetic for all to witness. My deep, passionate drives possess me to reach new creative heights.

I allow no one else to define me, my beliefs or my morality. Betrayal is met with Dragonfire. As I master myself through discipline and duty, my destiny is transformed.



As the light of consciousness constellates within me, I witness the collective karma with awe. This is the time I was born for. My lifelong spiritual quest has led me to a place of deep knowing.

I am my own guru. It’s time to share my wisdom with the world as a bold and enthusiastic seeker of light. There is no hiding my radiance now.



An awakening is stirring at the very fundamental levels of my life. When the ground shifts beneath my feet, I find the inner orientation to steady myself and thrive.

Deep and true intimacy takes bold and strategic courage. I honour my desire to bond and love, but cannot be possessed. I am sovereign to my own dignified soul.



It’s time to allow myself to be truly seen and loved. My specialness is unique in all the world and I welcome its appreciation.

Love can be a battlefield. As I investigate my own desires and responses, I find the answers to my relationship needs. I shine as the architect of my heart’s calling.



I’m awakening from the collective dream. At times the struggle to express my higher purpose can feel burdensome. I can’t save the world but I can heal the collective soul wounds.

I shine when I infuse my work with meaning and sacredness. This is a time to transform the world through acts of kindness and love. My heart contains a vast universe of compassion.


Source: radiantastrology


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