Ranking The Zodiac Signs By Who Is Most Difficult To Love

Ranking-The-Zodiac-Signs-By-Who-Is-Most-Difficult-To-Love-1.jpg1. VIRGO

Virgos are arguably the most self-sufficient of the zodiac signs.

They also approach most relationships from a very analytical and almost managerial position.

Even if it’s not intentional, Virgos automatically keep most people at arm’s length until they’re sure they can trust them.

Thus, they’re not the easiest people to love. In order for a Virgo to love someone, they have to let their walls down and open up, which isn’t in their nature.

Once they do they’re amazing partners, but it can definitely take some time for them to get there.



Scorpios are the queens/kings of not knowing what they want.

They fluctuate between hot and cold like crazy and it makes them really difficult to read and subsequently, be with emotionally.

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A Scorpio can be an incredibly draining partner to be with which is why they often find themselves in and out of relationships.

Frankly, until a Scorpio matures emotionally, they’re simply not ready for a real relationship.



There are no sign more flighty, impulsive, and all over the place than a Sagittarius.

In some ways, this makes them very exciting partners and whoever they’re with will never be bored.

But on the flip side, it makes them nearly impossible to get to settle down.

They’re constantly chasing the next thing, the next adventure, the next adrenaline rush.

They are terrible at being still, at just existing. And that’s not very conducive to relationships.

A Sagittarius will only feel content when they find someone who doesn’t just chase them, but runs right alongside them.



Aquarians are naturally reserved, private people.

They aren’t inclined to open up and letting people in is absolutely not in their nature.

It can be really difficult to read an Aquarius which keeps a distance between them and most people.

An Aquarius needs someone who they can really trust and feel comfortable being vulnerable around in order to go all in and fall in love.


Capricorns are the picture of practicality, efficiency, and hard work.

While this makes them incredibly reliable and a star employee or co-worker, it can also mean that they approach each and every relationship like a business transaction.

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No partner wants to feel like they’re being looked at and being weighed on a pros and cons list.

A Capricorn needs to learn to trust their heart as much as their head in order to find real, lasting love.


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