Rare Energy Event: All Planets in Forward Motion January 2018


Some good news for our new start in 2018!

All planets will be in forward motion as of January 2nd – a rare and invigorating energetic push to “go for it” in your world. Make the most of what you are ready to focus on, build, create, and take steps to accomplish.

For all the times when we feel like we are in the waiting room, this is a clear signal that the lights are now all green and your foot should be on the gas pedal!

Basically, it means that chair in the waiting room has now transformed into a race car seat and you’re going to plow out of that stagnation with confidence.

We have a Full Moon in Cancer at 11 degrees on Jan 1/2 which has a lovely Grand Trine in water with Neptune in Pisces and Mars in Scorpio. Intuitive, flowing, open, trusting, believing – listen to what you feel and you’ll know exactly what you need to do.

Feminine energies are heightened and bring you back to your inner world – can you accept her invitation?

The Cancer Full Moon is a ‘coming home’ to yourself’ and making time to rest after the busy holidays. Quiet time, reading, listening, finding a calming center, and any supportive nurturing practices are the best way to start the new year. The kitchen may be a great place to hangout.

Then on Jan 2, Uranus in Aries stations direct at 24 degrees and sets you FREE from what you’ve been tumbling with inside. The breakthroughs are coming in, and chances are it’s something you’ve known for a while but the timing wasn’t right… and now it is.

So look at what you need to feel fulfilled this year that is in alignment with who you are now. It is not the old version, or former version, or outdated version – it’s who you are NOW. Feel into that more. Trust it, because it’s something only you can know and feel in this way.

When all planets are going forward, we are set free from what we *thought* was holding us back. We see how Divine Timing has lined up, and we can feel very driven to make those choices and decisions that caused uncertainty.

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-Sun, Venus, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn give us clarity, discipline, and a desire to deeply commit to the path ahead.

-Mars and Jupiter conjunct in Scorpio are a powerhouse of drive and physical force.

-Mercury in Sag has clarity on the ideas, visions, and projects that were stalled since November.

-Uranus in Aries is making sure you’re not your own worst enemy, and you are willing to believe in who you are now.

-Neptune and Chiron in Pisces support letting go of that “stuff” you used to hold emotionally in your energy field, and now you’re just exhausted from it – time to bring in the new higher perspectives and new levels of spiritual wisdom.

The first New Moon of 2018 is on January 16/17 at 27 Capricorn. This is when you’ll be ready to declare more about what the year will energetically mean to you, so use these supportive energies to dream bigger, think higher, feel deeper, and believe in the power of everyday miracles – because YOU are worth it and ready.




By Molly McCord


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