Remember to Look Up At the Sky, As a Planetary Parade is Continuing Throughout September

Remember-to-Look-Up-At-the-Sky-As-a-Planetary-Parade-is-Continuing-Throughout-September.jpgDepending on where our surrounding planets are and how close they are to us sometimes they are a lot easier to see. September is going to bring forth a lot of interesting celestial objects to peep at if you’re willing to take the time to find them.

Just a few nights back Venus, Jupiter, the moon, Saturn, and Mars all lined up in the sky. While looking at this with a telescope was probably a much better view, the planets were also for the most part visible to the naked eye if you were looking in the right places.
That being said, while the planets will no longer be perfectly aligned as they were on that night over the next few weeks they will still be visible.

Some have already noticed these interesting specks in the sky and many have noted that Mars us unusually bright. This is because Mars is very close to us right now. They will all be the brightest things in the sky and follow one another in some ways. They are not hard to spot at all.

We are not quite sure how long these planets will be visible, they could be gone just after labor day or stay into that following week but only time will tell. If you happen to find yourself out and about in the middle of the night don’t hesitate to take a look up and see what you can find.

While it won’t be the end of the world if you miss this chance, I strongly suggest pulling out a telescope and taking a peek or sitting under the stars for a little while if you can.



Source: awarenessact


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