Saturn Goes Direct: Each Zodiac Sign Will Feel This Intense Shift Differently

Saturn-Goes-Direct-Each-Zodiac-Sign-Will-Feel-This-Intense-Shift-Differently.jpgHow will your zodiac sign handle this shift? Saturn goes directly in the sign of Capricorn for some serious changes.

After four and a half months of being retrograde, Saturn in Capricorn turns direct on September 6th and the time for prevaricating is over. Duty calls!

Saturn went retrograde on April 17th, 2018, and we have been going through the motions for months now.

You are bound to feel Saturn’s station direct strongly in the days leading up to September 6th. Saturn’s station brings a reality check. You have no choice but to face some sticky situation in your life.

Your fears might be deafening now but that’s no bad thing. This is your instinct telling you that this is important; it’s binding; it needs your full attention. You can’t just move ahead regardless. Do what is right for you.

Saturn or ‘Kronos’ is the Lord of Time. He is also the Lord of ‘karma,’ and what is karma if not layers of experience acquired in time that is indelibly edged in your soul? Saturn hates shortcuts.

It takes time to build something of value in this world. And it takes time to chisel your soul into something worthwhile. Time stands still for a moment as Saturn stations direct, waiting for you to pick up your tools and get to work; responsibly, present and fully committed to your chosen path.

Saturn in Capricorn Direct Horoscope



Responsibilities are piling up high, dear Aries. You’ve had some time to slack off over the summer but the cosmic bell has rung loud and clear and it’s time to return to work!

Whether it’s career or parental responsibilities that are calling you, you need to step up to the plate. Now is the time to commit 100% to your maturing professional development and work toward getting the recognition you deserve.

You’ve had some time to rethink your overall life direction since April. Time to put what you’ve decided to practice!



Is there a legal, academic or immigration matter that you’ve been putting off for months, dear Taurus? Or maybe there is some publicity material you’ve been prevaricating over?

The deadline is fast approaching and a decision is required. It’s time to pin your colors to the mast.

You’ve had enough time since April to consider your expectations, your maturing views, as well as any steps you need to take to get the stamp of approval from VIPs and other key establishments. It’s time to commit to your truth and go public with your message.



Saturn direct brings an emotional and financial reckoning, dear Gemini! This is a moment of truth in your closest bonds. A divorce could be finally coming through, giving you autonomy.

Or your sweetheart might decide to set down some ground rules. It’s time to discuss the division of property, make good on a debtor prove that you can honor the trust that others place in you, whether this is your spouse, a sponsor or the bank.

You need to face your fears around intimacy, as well as when it comes to standing alone and show maturity in your involvements.



It’s crunch time for an important relationship, dear Cancer! Whether this is personal or professional, you have had some time to think and you’re now called to decide how you want to move forward.

Are you ready to tie the knot? Are you ready to sign the contract? To make a serious commitment? This relationship is binding and you can’t just keep going any odd how.

It’s time to make your decision official and set some terms to help this partnership flourish or else walk away. This is also the time to hire an agent or contractor and go public with your product.



The moment has come to get organized, dear Leo. You’ve experimented with different lifestyle choices over the summer and you now realize that, unless you commit fully to the activities that matter on a daily basis, you just won’t get the results you seek.

Do you need to develop your expertise? Find your niche? Hire an assistant? If you’re looking to retrain, develop discipline, join a gym or make lifestyle changes that will stick, this is your moment. It’s a good time to make progress on the work front and develop your skills.



This is the moment of truth in matters of the heart, dear Virgo. Do you have love in your life? Do you have children? Are you giving your creative talents room for expression?

If the answer to any of the above is a painful NO, it’s time to do something about it. Decide right now to build a life that allows for greater joy, love, happiness!

A love affair or creative project that has been stalling over the summer picks up again. You’re now wiser at heart and you know what you want. So get serious about what Joseph Campbell said and follow your bliss!



It’s been heavy going home for a long time now, dear Libra, but the summer gave you some respite from your household and family responsibilities. It’s now time to make a decision on the home front.

Are you ready to start a family? Is this where you want to build your base of operations? Is there a parent or a property that requires your attention?

Time to set down some ground rules in your personal life, build a strong foundation and make some key decision when it comes to your family, real estate, heritage or land.



You have some serious business to attend to, dear Scorpio. This might involve a contract, an exam or some other important paperwork or trade that now needs your close attention.

You’re in the process of building a strong support network to increase your influence and it’s time to decide on the most strategic way to place your pieces – whether this is in your neighborhood, at your workplace or around your extended family. What you now agree is binding and here to stay. Concentrate!



Money is a sticky issue right now, dear Sagittarius. Money may be tight…or it may be tyrannizing you…but more importantly, it’s your self-esteem that will suffer if you don’t pull up your socks and make some serious financial decisions for your future.

What are you good at? What do you praise the most? Your resources are precious – whether this is your time or your money – and you now realize you cannot be wasting them any odd how.

You need to invest your energy where it will bring the greatest reward, both material and emotional, raising both your worth and your self-esteem.



Saturn is your ruler, dear Capricorn, and you’re no stranger to its ebb and flow, especially now with Saturn in your sign. Even a hard working Capricorn needs time to lay low and reconsider the way forward and you’ve now had that.

You’re ready to return to your responsibilities, but only those you deem worthwhile. You’re undergoing a huge maturation process, crystallizing a new identity and carefully selecting what traits, activities, and people will be part of it.

So lay down the law! Present your terms and shape your life just the way you want it.



Loose ends are calling you, dear Aquarius. The summer brought many secrets to light and while you were busy dealing with those, other things were left pending. You’re now ready to attack unfinished business with fresh gusto!

Chores, obligations and karmic dues are all on the menu. So is the necessity of completing thankless tasks, working in a hostile environment or even offering your services practically for free.

Where is the fun in that you might say? Fret not. Be a good boy/girl, pay these maturing dues and bide your time. It will come! Health concerns could come to light. Address them without delay.



You’ve taken some time to revisit your dreams and ideals for the future, dear Pisces, and it’s time to commit to a plan of action. What do you need to do to reach your ambitions?

What clubs do you need to join? What crowd do you need to get in with? What’s the highest benefit that you have to offer to the world?

If an important friendship hit the rocks over summer, it’s time to decide whether to keep it or ditch it. Either way, that person is your teacher, calling you to greater maturity. If you decide to stay, set some ground rules, especially with a professional association, and behave the part.


Source: mysticalraven


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