What The Second Full Moon In Libra Horoscope Means For Your Love Life And Relationships Until May 4th

libra full moon

Sometimes, someone really does come along and change everything.

On April 19th, we will experience not just a Libra full moon, but the second one in back to back months, which is extremely rare! Also known as the Pink Moon, in astrology, this means our zodiac signs will welcome very positive changes into our romantic lives and relationships. And our love horoscopes will be proof of that.

While two full moon within the same sign are unlikely, the one we experienced back in March was just at the first degree of Libra. And now, this month it will be in the last. Perhaps it’s something that was just beginning back in March and now we’re ready to actually let it loose.

Full moon energies can last until the next new moon, which is May 4th and will occur in Taurus. So expect these energies of new beginnings and sudden changes to linger around until then.

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Libra is ruled by Venus, and this feminine air sign is deeply connected to the aspect of relationships and balance. She’s represented by the sign of the scales and is the epitome of justice and fairness. She strives to bring these elements into our lives and relationships with a great deal of honesty and authenticity.

In times of love we hear about how our overthinking or being overly emotional is causing the largest disturbances or even heartbreaks, but the Libra full moon helps tempers this aspect. While we will still have to be aware of our thoughts, we will feel like our heads and our hearts have made a truce, allowing us to feel confident but also deeply connected to any decision we make in love.

When we see an astrological event that is rare or uncommon, such as two full moons in Libra back to back, it means we’re being asked to pay pretty close attention to something. In this case, it will deal with our relationships, our sense of self, and the balance that exists between our logical minds and our emotional hearts.

We’re being asked to pay attention, to be prepared, and to accept that what is real may not always follow logic, especially when our hearts are in the mix. Logic can sometimes overrule love or make us seem like we are being foolish if it feels like love at first sight or we find our relationship moving at a nontraditional pace.

In this situation, take a deep breath and trust because opposite this moon is Uranus in Taurus, suggesting that we will see some pretty big changes in the love department but that they are going to be part of a firm foundation of the new seven-year cycle Uranus ushered in last month.

Uranus is the planet of shock and awe, and sudden unexplained changes and plot twists. Sometimes we credit this planet with sudden breakups, which can be true, especially because this full moon is occurring within the last degree of Libra, a tumultuous time for anyone. However, in many ways it seems that certain mindsets or periods of our lives will be coming to an end so something else can begin.

Uranus is likely to be the bringer of love at first sight, and while we have an overly romantic notion, it isn’t always easy because of the blocks we’ve built up mentally and the social stereotypes regarding that moment we meet eyes with someone. While the planet of shock and awe brings change, Libra brings balance, justice, and represents the cycle of karma.

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With karma we think of something being either bad or good, instead of merely necessary; however, Libra shows us that everything is weighted and everything is in balance, even if it’s not immediately apparent.

This means there are those of us who have had our hearts broken more than we could count, we gave more than we thought possible, or we believed that others had the same good nature and heart that we did.

Uranus opposite a Libra full moon is bringing to us what we’ve earned, and for some of us that means true love will soon be knocking. Perhaps we ended a relationship last year during the Venus retrograde in October/November and we spent a few months healing, being by ourselves, and embracing self-love. And then last month, someone crossed our paths who made everything just seem so easy.

But things moved slowly. Maybe we talked for a bit or couldn’t see one other often, or at all. It wasn’t that there was a lack of interest, but it was a slow build of a fire just getting going.

For many, we will see a moment of fruition or pinnacle time occur around this moon or in the few weeks after, leading up to the new moon in Taurus in the beginning of May. Even if it’s something we want, we still may find ourselves wondering if we can trust that this time is different.

Yet even if there are those moments, which are normal, we will also feel a certain ease that everything is happening as it’s meant to. And this will relax us into letting things happen as they are meant to.

The next new moon in Taurus will be the perfect next step in any spontaneous love affairs that start to blossom around this full moon, because of the tie to our new Uranian cycle and the slow and steady progress that love at first sight makes.

While this moon does heavily favor major changes in our love lives, we also might see them occur on a smaller or more individual level. We could suddenly start aligning with what we feel we deserve, or we walk away from outdated patterns or cycles we’ve seen ourselves participate in much too long.

It might be the decision and embodiment of self-love and acceptance as well, which will pave the way for greater relationship changes further on into this year.

We have to understand that how we feel about ourselves is always mirrored back to us in the relationship choices we make. That’s why even if sometimes someone comes along who changes our whole lives in an instant, that “someone” is also ourselves too.

This was originally published by Kate Rose for YourTango.


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