Spiritual Significance Of The December Solstice 2017 – Start Of A New Cycle

Spiritual-Significance-Of-The-December-Solstice-2017-–-Start-Of-A-New-Cycle.jpgThe December 2017 Solstice falls on the 21st and marks a significant turning point and start of a new cycle.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the December Solstice is the first day of winter and a time of inward reflection. In the Southern Hemisphere, the December Solstice is the start of summer and a time of outward expression.

No matter where in the world you live, the December Solstice has always been linked to the planet Saturn. This is because the Solstice is marked by the Sun’s move into Saturn’s ruling constellation of Capricorn.

When the Sun reaches the constellation of the mountain goat, it signifies a turning point, as it is the last quarter cycle of the astrological year.

In astrology, the new year is celebrated when the Sun shifts into Aries, which happens in March, and as the Sun moves into Capricorn, it is symbolic that the end of another year is fast approaching.

Although today the start of the new year is celebrated as the calendar flips over to 2018, this turning point can still be felt as we prepare to wind up the year gone by.

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As the Sun shifts into Capricorn, we are going to be reminded to not only reflect on the year gone by but to also slow down and check in with where we are at.

We have to take a moment to pause and work out if our actions are aligned with where we want to be.

In the Northern Hemisphere, we can take clues from Mother Earth on where we should be focusing our energy and attention.

As it is winter, the trees are bare, the animals are in hibernation, all of nature is slowing down in order to regenerate.

We too need to follow in the same tracks and conserve our energy for the climb ahead. After the Solstice dawns, it is going to be important for us to move at a slower pace and to not rush ahead.

While things may seem slow moving on the outside, on the inside however, it is very different.

As we “hibernate” and take it slow, we are given the opportunity to take a look into our inner world.

Most of us spend the year in a constant state of busyness so we never really stop to pause and see what is bubbling within. But with the December Solstice energy, we are all going to be given the opportunity to take a peek at what is happening on a heart and soul level.

The December Solstice is often called the Dark Night of the Soul for this very reason.

On the 21st of December when the hours of light and dark battle it out, we are all given the opportunity to retreat within and to discover ourselves on a new level.

If there are issues that have been tucked away in hiding, or unresolved thoughts and emotions, this is the time of year where they may resurface in order to be cleansed and renewed.

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December Solstice time can be very cleansing, as long as we embrace the energy and don’t shy away from any painful emotions or past regrets that needs to be cleared.

In the Southern Hemisphere, this energy is present but it manifests a little differently. Again, we can look for clues in Mother Nature.

In the summertime, everything is in bloom and is able to express itself to the fullest. The flower buds are open, the birds are chirping, everything is very active and expressive.

This makes it a wonderful time to tap into your inner self and express it outwards for all of the world to see. Instead of hibernating, you are encouraged to get out into the world and take action in the direction that feels the best.

While it is still at time to reflect, your reflections can lead to positive actions that help you to move forward and make progress in whatever direction you choose.

Even though the Northern and Southern Hemispheres are receiving a different expressions of this energy, they both exist in harmony with each other as well. Think of it like a yin and yang symbol.

Both energies are different, but together they make a whole. In the Northern Hemisphere the energy has shifted to a more feminine, inward state, and in the Southern Hemisphere the energy is more masculine and outward, but both of these energies work in sync with one another.

The December Solstice is the perfect time to check in with your soul and to really take responsibility for the direction of your life.

In 2017 in particular, it is going to be really important to take things slow and to not put too much on your plate at this time.

Use this Solstice energy to take some downtime, and to really feel the calling of your heart.

When you take time to pause and tune in to your inner state, life becomes more fluid and far more grounded, and this is the exact energy we need as we venture into the new cycle.



Source: consciousreminder


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