Starting Today, It’s Going to Be One Hell of a Week For These Zodiac Signs

While the week of December 10th of this year might not seem like much, there is a lot going on in the world of the celestial bodies. And they will be hitting some of the signs much harder than others and could really knock them off balance in a massive way.



Below I am going to go over the zodiac signs that should be expecting the worst during the course of this week. While you might not realize it Mercury is now direct and all the energies are catching back up to us. Between Neptune and the energies of the new moon we just had still lurking around these signs are not going to be feeling too great.



As this week begins, you will be feeling quite overwhelmed. With all that is going on, you won’t have much time for yourself. During this time, you need to focus on your goals and nurturing your relationship with your significant other. You could find yourself thinking far more than you should about where you want to end up but as time passes you will work through that.

Right now things are going to be a bit hectic but they will die down and you need to keep that in mind. Just because you’re overthinking doesn’t mean everything that comes to mind is going to happen. Perhaps a shift in thought would be worth your while.




As this week begins you will be taking on a lot more responsibility. During this time it is important for you to remember not to take on more than you can handle. While things are not as complicated as they have been in the past you still have a lot on your plate.

You are going to be feeling quite tense this week and it is really going to be bringing you down. You’re not going to be feeling as enthusiastic as you normally would and people will notice. Prepare to be asked a million times over whether you’re okay or not.





As this week begins you will really want to break free and move forward to new things but that is not possible right now. The nervousness holding you back is here for a reason. While you are getting a bit impatient and stressed you should still remember that thinking things through is crucial.

This week will provide you with a lot of new ideas and really help you to put yourself in the right place of mind. Don’t let the things before you bring you down. While they are hard to face, you must still face them. You are much stronger than you realize.





As this week begins you will be looking more towards love and focusing on your significant other. He or she has been feeling neglected and you can finally see that. This week is one that could make or break things in regards to your relationship.

Be there for your partner in the ways you are needed. While things might be hard right now if this is the person you want to be with you need to put forth an effort. Do your best to keep the peace.






As this week begins you will be working on yourself and your career. While you’ve been seeing major setbacks in recent times, all of that is coming to an end soon. This week will be exhausting but if you get what needs to be done finished, then you will see a major payoff.

You need to really put your best foot forward and overcome the odds. While you won’t have much help, you will realize your own strengths. Perhaps you might need to give something important up in order to get to where you want to be.




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