End Of November Planetary Transit: Sun Enters Sagittarius And It’s Great News For Every Sign

End Of November Planetary Transit: Sun Enters Sagittarius And It’s Great News For Every Sign

On November 21 at 21:22 UTC the Sun enters the Fire sign of Sagittarius and brings light into the density and heaviness of planetary transits that are accompanying the latter part of 2016.

It’s natural feeling  burdened at this point, because that’s part of the spontaneous development of this phase of evolution. Learning to stay inside discomfort gives us the strength to deal with our inner reality, from which we can’t run away if we want to build a happy and fulfilled life. Any fulfillment in the existence can only come from the awareness about our individual truths, beyond the illusions and the resistance put up by the ego. The latter one have many reasons to exist, but it is important to concentrate them without accepting them blindly.

Now that the atmosphere becomes lighter we can reach out to the fundamental experiences that will help us build the future. The first of these comes from a shift of a remote planet, Neptune, symbol of the Cosmic Mother, the Sacred Feminine, that November 21 returns to direct motion after 5-month retrograde (from June 14, 2016, exactly).

When that happens, it is as if the mist has been lifted from our mind, bringing a sense of clarity and objectivity, where previously we felt constantly identified in the wound of abandonment and fear of loss.

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From February 2012 Neptune is in transit in the sign of Pisces, of which he is governor, and it is the first time that this happens since this planet was discovered in the late nineteenth century. It represents the Christ Consciousness, the activation of the Body of Light, Awakening the Human who overcame the emotional chasms freed from the bondage of its densest and material part. His tough transit until 2026 or so, was a long journey of activating the awareness, during which we realized the importance of the role played by the sensitive part of ourselves.

We realize they can no longer rule out the spirituality of matter, from the daily life of little things. If until now the belief was that the spiritual were synonymous with dignified, aloof from the common meaning of life, now opens the door for the integration process of the Soul lives in the here and now. Why here and now, the present, is such as living in the absence of time. In the here and now there is no past nor future.

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So goes toward its conclusion in 2016, one of the most difficult and dense years because it is a year 9 (2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 9), and as such should be in close, taking away all that no longer serves us, pushing humanity to field any kind of resistance because the collective consciousness perceives this closure as a death. Imagine heading to a point where the two layers become thinner. A communication between the different and opposite dimensions. What happens? It’s the heart awakening to its potential of portal between the Sky and Earth. And we are the containers of this miracle.


This is How the Transit will Affect Each Zodiac Signs:


ARIES – this week marks the beginning of a period of strength that will continue throughout this year. Finally you feel supported, sustained and nourished by life and it’s great being able to take revenge on situations that have pushed you to the limit of endurance. From here you can learn to let go in the flow of gratitude.

TAURUS – interesting week in terms of the challenges that enrich and help you polish the rough diamond hidden inside the heart. The purification process still continues a little and in the meantime you will have the opportunity to test new shades from which you can observe the existence. You are wonderful and you are starting to realize that.

GEMINI – you’ll soon see many nodes finally entangle making everything clearer. Nothing escapes anymore and it’s the time to face the truth that you will surely find enjoyable and also comfortable. Sense of brain fog, chronic fatigue and confusion give way to self-esteem and confidence.


CANCER – your life has come to a turning point because you are able to see the external enemy as an opportunity for growth. It’s an exit from comfort zone full of courage and resourcefulness. You are motivated by the desire of discovering the other half of the sky, knowing that it is in the direct confrontation where lies the real victory over fear and immobility.

LEO – you will live a week of recovery. The change of vibration of the Sun in its passage from the deep Scorpio to the fiery Sagittarius will give you strength and centering. Until the end of the year you will live a moment full of life, a prelude to a delightful spring. You’ll begin to dream of new projects that will go off from May 2017 onwards.

VIRGO – enjoy the clarity moment that finally returns after months of blunting due to the suffering of having to let go of many contaminated sites, parts of the self you didn’t identify with anymore. Now the storm is over and you feel stable and solid again, ready to face a new stage of life as protagonists.


LIBRA – lightness is the key word. The planetary transits converge in your Sky and create a major expansion plan, within which you can afford to slip with ease to experience thus far unexplored limits. Any inner tensions serve to keep the right direction of the way.

SCORPIO – calm returns after a month of great intensity. You’ll start to breathe easily again and to take care of what really matters. The distractions that where consuming your energies are over. You can enjoy the satisfactions that you feel you deserve because the journey that just ended has taught you to love yourselves completely.

SAGITTARIUS – your busy Sky creates interesting situations and events to live. The state of indecision and insecurity that has gripped you in recent months now disappeared, replaced by a serene and peaceful mood that begins to know inner peace. This view allows you to activate your creativity because it gives you imagination and planning.


CAPRICORN – you feel the irresistible need to shed light on the past to understand the origins and reasons why you are where you are now. Meeting this need is will give you strength in the roots of your personal life, so that you can continue the path with an open attitude that will active the healing process where it is necessary.

AQUARIUS – Your Sky receives powerful influences from friend planets, thanks to which you are building a new life. You are only at the beginning of a long period of at least two years during which you will find yourself on a path that wants to take you to meet your true self. Be open to what you will meet, because these will be pieces of your dreams.

PISCES – the sense of inadequacy where you’ve slipped in since last summer, will now fade. Tensions are reduced and will allow you to direct your thoughts toward a construction project, which will allow you to join the contingent reality and draw the best for you and for all those around you. It is a new base to work from, as if you are being reborn.

By: Stefania Gyan Salila


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