The 6 Biggest Liars Of The Zodiac

The-6-Biggest-Liars-Of-The-Zodiac.jpgWe are all capable of telling lies from time to time. Many of us spin the facts and make up entire stories in order to avoid punishment, gain a raise or a reward, or to protect someone we love, a friend, family member, or a lover.

But for some people, telling lies to themselves and others becomes addictive – they get so accustomed to lying that they lie even when there’s no clear purpose.

But did you know that our tendency to lie has been written in the stars? Read on to find out which zodiac signs are more likely to tell lies than others. We rank the top six astrological signs from most to least likely to use lies and untruths to gain what they want.



Scorpio is on the top of the list and those born under this sign, whether they deny it or not, are not surprised that this is the case.

Brave, ambitious and faithful, you would think that these characteristics wouldn’t see Scorpio top the list as the sign who lies than any other sign. But they do.

Maybe it is their secretive nature and their jealousy of others that makes them one of the most prolific liars of the zodiac. This is the driving force behind them using untruths to achieve their goals, whilst not paying any attention to the feelings of those around them.

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Manipulative and deceitful, Scorpio is a zodiac sign that excels when it comes to telling lies. But, there is one problem: Scorpios can be so darn good at lying that sometimes even they struggle to decipher truth from lies.



Second on the list of being almost as fake and deceitful as Scorpio, is Gemini. Those born under the sign of Gemini are known as two-faced and they often have a talent for lying.

But their positive characteristics far outweigh the negative: they can lack consistency and self-awareness and can be seen as superficial, as they fail to grasp the finer details or focus on the deeper issues at stake.

On the flipside, the creativity and energy of Gemini mean that this deceitful side of their nature is often accepted. This means that Gemini’s are ‘let off’ when their untruths are discovered, unlike their Scorpio friends, however.



Third on our list of six zodiac signs known for ‘being economical with the truth’ is Pisces. Artistic, spiritual, sensitive souls that they may be, there is a little hint of the devil inside of them that when they see something they want, they are prepared to use tricks and tell lies to get it.

Kind and compassionate, those born under this sign will also exhibit ‘escapism’ which is their solution to dealing with situations that are not to their liking.

When they are faced with the uncomfortable truth, if they can’t escape, they will start telling lies.

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Maybe it is their underlying intuition, but this zodiac sign understands that sometimes, some things are too important to be lost by letting a simple truth get in the way…



Those born under this sign will often display a strong mix of charm and manipulative qualities, a combination for trouble if ever there was one.

Like many other zodiac signs, Libras lie for many reasons for getting out of trouble to making themselves look better than they are in a certain situation. In other words, they are always lying… (or are they?!).

These people are so indecisive that they struggle to keep track of their truths and untruths. You may wonder why this doesn’t place them in the top spot but there is a beauty behind their lies: they create separate personas for the situations that they come across and for some, this chameleon-like ability to adapt makes their untruths things of beauty.



Those born under this sigh do lie, perhaps more frequently than others, but much like Libra, there is a good reason behind their occasional untruths.

They tend to tell lies to make something better, and not to hurt or manipulate others in order to get what they want.

Instead, Cancerians use lies to exaggerate a situation, mainly because they can’t or won’t see the truth that faces them. This star sign may be one of the biggest liars of the zodiac, but in effect their lies are harmless.



Much like Cancer, those born under the sign of Aquarius don’t usually lie for self-gain or to manipulate a situation, rather they use untruths to try and make a situation better.

Gatekeepers and peacekeepers, the last thing Aquarians want to see is anyone being hurt. And so, when the need arises, they will tell a white lie to maintain good relationships with others.

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The problem is, it can backfire when the situation comes to light. Think of Aquarius lies as plasters over sore wounds until someone has the ability to share the truth.


Source: cultureastrology


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