The Advice Your Zodiac Sign Needs to Listen to During the Sagittarius New Moon

The Advice Your Zodiac Sign Needs to Listen to During the Sagittarius New Moon

Libra – Give yourself the break you deserve.

While you might not feel the best, this new moon is not going to be bringing you down like it will others.

You are getting the time that you need to really set down and give yourself a moment to breathe and you should do just that. Let yourself chill out while you can, the months to come are going to be quite frustrating, to say the least.




Scorpio – The smallest changes make the biggest differences.

Just because you might not see it right now doesn’t mean that all of the things happening at this point in time are meaningless.

Everything happens for a reason and even the smallest things can make the biggest differences in your life. You have to be able to remove yourself from things entirely if you want to see the bigger picture.




Sagittarius – Be more optimistic.

This new moon is going to be putting you in a really good mood. Do your best to keep the stress that is weighing you down from ruining things for you.

The more optimistic you are the better. Just let go and see where you end up, you might be much happier in the long run.




Capricorn – Don’t feed into any drama that comes before you.

While you will be face to face with quite a few real snakes during this new moon you will learn how to overcome the problems they bring forth.

This new moon is going to be very empowering for you and really teach you how to avoid drama. Think things through and do not close yourself off from the things to come.




Aquarius – Stop being so cold towards the people you love.

Let this new moon warm your heart and let the people who care for you the most in. Your emotions matter and you need to take care of yourself.

Nurture your connections and allow the people who care for you to show you that they are going to be here for you through anything this life throws your way.




Pisces – Think outside of the box.

You are well on your way to great things. This new moon is going to work wonders in your life.

During this time you need to remember to put that creative mind to work. You are far more talented than you like to admit.


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