The Age He’ll Finally Settle Down, Based On His Zodiac Sign


Finally, an answer.

Is that guy you’re into ever going to settle down?


You see photos of him chugging PBR and playing video games on Instagram, but you still have hope that one day, he’ll be marriage material.

But how long are you willing to wait? Will his days of dead-end jobs or constant travel ever end?


To figure out at what age he’ll settle down, all you have to do is consult his zodiac sign. Then check out this video to find out when he’ll be ready to treat you like the queen you are.

Still have your doubts?




Here are nine signs that your boyfriend is nowhere near ready to take things more seriously:


1. He avoids weddings like the plague.

2. He doesn’t talk about getting married.

3. He doesn’t plan.

4. He always makes excuses.

5. He says he’s happy with the way things are.

6. He talks about the glory days.

7. He has no interest in your future.

8. None of his friends are married.

9. He hasn’t mentioned starting a family.

Better yet, here are nine signs that he might just surprise you and propose.

1. He doesn’t dismiss your hints.

2. He plans his future with you in it.

3. He makes a point to bring you around more.

4. He’s working overtime.

5. He’s suddenly being secretive.

6. He refers to you as “the wife.”

7. He asks you about your future.

8. All his friends are getting married.

9. He tells you straight-up.



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