The Meaningful Lesson the Tarot Has In Store For You, According to the Zodiac

One of the most highly recognized forms of psychic insight, tarot cards have a long and somewhat undiscovered history. Often traced back in origin to 14th Century Europe, the beautifully colored cards are still used by many today to predict and understand our future.


Why is the history so widely unknown? While there are records tracing back as far as 1440, discussion the first known deck of tarot cards in Italy, it is possible that these cards existed but were kept quiet prior to this date due to their ‘magical ‘nature.

It is believed that the first decks to be discussed were actually used as a game for nobility, while connections between the cards and divination didn’t appear until centuries later. There is also a possibility that this isn’t entirely accurate, as Europe was highly controlled by religious forces in the 1400s and 1500s, which easily could have led to early evidence being altered or incomplete.

The practice of Tarot card reading as we recognized it today was first discussed in 1781, across French and England. It was at this time that followers of the occult began to record a connection between the brightly colored cards and the psychic messages that they could foretell.

These cards are said to connect with the powerful psychic energy that moves among us, working both to reveal information about our true inner self as well as to predict the future. Changing mindsets towards witchcraft and the occult have led to a resurgence, with experts reporting that Tarot card sales are the highest they have been in 50 years.

“There used to be this idea of tarot being connected to that chick in a shop behind a neon sign who’s going to take you for a ride and tell your future,” explained tarot reader and author Sasha Graham. “That’s different now. Witchcraft and feminist spirituality, especially in our political climate, are having a moment. Tarot is part of that.”

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What message does Tarot hold for you? Let’s look at the card associated with your zodiac sign:


Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 19): 9 of Wands

You’re a warrior, facing anything and everything that life throws your way with strength and determination. However, even warriors will eventually grow tired after facing as much trial and tribulation as you have as of late.

The good news is that your time of peace and rest is just around the corner, as long as you continue moving forward. Allow this knowledge to motivate you. You’re on the home stretch now, just keep your eyes open for the light at the end of the tunnel.



Taurus (Apr 20 – May 20): The Lovers

While you pride yourself in your ability to shoulder anything that you are faced with, there is no denying the importance that friends, family and loved ones hold in your life.

However, it’s easy to take these people for granted. This is what you are called to address at this time. Take a step back and look at your closest connections, as there are likely relationships that are desperately in need of a little TLC. Don’t downplay this or put it off for later, or you may lose someone important to you.



Gemini (May 21 – Jun 20): 2 of Swords

Following your heart comes so naturally to you that you allow it to guide your day to day decisions. However, when your emotions get the best of you it can, at times, lead you into hot water. The 2 of Swords is calling on you to reconsider this direction, taking control and giving your mind the power to call the shots.

It’s going to feel uncomfortable but removing your emotions from the current situation that you are facing will clear your mind and allow you to select the best course of action.


Cancer (Jun 21 – Jul 22): Page of Pentacles

You are entering into a time of intellect and knowledge in your life, which makes it the ideal time to consider learning something new. Take the time to consider the workshops and classes available in your area.

Your mind is open, and you have never felt so motivated to seek out new experiences and opportunities. Don’t past this up, you may just discover your next greatest passion.



Leo (Jul 23 – Aug 22): 10 of Swords

While other signs may be getting the message that things in their life are starting to look up, your message isn’t quite as positive. A situation in your life is about to hit rock bottom, bringing difficulty and challenge into your life.

The good news is that after you hit rock bottom, there’s no way but up. You have some trials in the immediate future, but if you can just stick it out through this life will start to look up before long.



Virgo (Aug 23 – Sept 22): 9 of Cups

Take a moment and look at the relationships in your life. There is at least person who has pushed you to grow and evolve in the recent past. This is important, as this person has been sent to open your heart and your mind to a new spiritual truth.

This may be a friend, family member or a romantic connection, but whoever it is, know that their purpose is greater than just the here and now. Follow their lead, and you will find yourself on the path to spiritual fulfillment.


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