The Most Self-Aware Signs Of The Zodiac – Ranked


Everyone wants to be self-aware. I mean, self-awareness is simply the ability to know one’s self, unaffected by one’s environment or relationships. Essentially, it’s just really, really, really knowing who you are in every single situation, which is obviously a good thing.

This would mean you’re not the type of girl who slowly starts becoming a mirror image of her boyfriend or who buys a black leather jacket because everyone she works with has a black leather jacket. Though black leather jackets are a wardrobe staple, so I totally do suggest you snag yourself one.

While being self-aware means you have an unwavering sense of self, self-awareness doesn’t mean being stubborn or arrogant.

These negative traits can actually hinder your self-awareness because you’re unable to see your self completely. Someone who is self-aware is able to accept both their strengths and their weaknesses.

There’s also a certain level of self-awareness that is apparent in social situations. This is a social consciousness, which is a fancy word for not acting like a complete idiot in public. Y’know, just being aware.

When one is truly self-aware they will be socially conscious as well, as they will know who they are and how to behave in public.

I mean, we all have that one nutty friend who acts like a crazy at every party, but it’s really just because she needs to get in touch with herself and, like, start a dream journal or something.

(Stop drinking tequila and yelling at police officers and start meditating, Brittany!)

With both self-awareness and social consciousness in mind, here are the zodiac signs ranked on just how self-aware they are.

If you’re one of the less self-aware signs, the most aware signs have tips and tricks of how to be more self-aware like them, so read on and become the most self-aware version of yourself!
*Check out our bonus entries for the top 3 signs!*


12. Gemini: Way Too Many Personalities To Be Self-Aware

Gemini, you are beloved by friends and family for quite a few reasons.

You’re spontaneous, chatty, and just plain exciting to be around. In fact, your friends may feel that they never know exactly what will happen during a night out on the town with you.

That said, you’re not necessarily beloved because you’re super self-aware. It’s really not your fault, though. It’s just that you simply have too many different personalities to be self-aware.

Gemini, you’re known as the sign of the twin, which refers to the fact that there are generally two – or more – opposing feelings going on inside of you at once. This can make you indecisive and nervous.

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At best, you can hope to be self-aware of the fact that you have all these opposing feelings, but your ability to really be aware of yourself and conscious of yourself in social situations is stunted by all the feelings your constantly feeling.

Not to worry, your friends still love you for how positive and friendly you are. They just also know you’re a loose cannon you are.


11. Leo: Self-Centeredness Gets In The Way Of Being Self-Aware

Leo, you are a warm, passionate, cheerful person. People may think you’re someone who is always happy, even though we all know everyone has their down moments in life.

This particular positive passion is also felt in terms of yourself, meaning you really love yourself. Like, you REALLY love yourself.

Of all the signs, you’re most likely to be arrogant and self-centered. It’s just because you’re a queen and demand you be treated as such. I get down with that level of self-love, but it hinders your self-awareness, as you tend to see yourself in only a positive light.

If there are some negative aspects of your personality, you’re likely to gloss over them and not want to full acknowledge them.

In social situations, you also may not be completely self-conscious, as you’re most concerned with the spotlight being on you. You’re a true ham, but this can sometimes rub people the wrong way. Of course, they are simply peasants and you’re a queen, so who cares?


10. Capricorn: Too Busy Judging Others

Capricorn, you are a sign that represents responsibility and tradition. Because of this, you put great value on tradition, conservatism, and manners. You’re old school in that sense.

Because you have such great respect for tradition and such overwhelming self-control, you can be critical of people who don’t behave in a way that’s up to your standards. And by critical, I mean very, very judgmental.

In fact, you’re so judgmental of others that it inhibits you from being full self-aware.

Your mind is too busy judging people for not living up to your standards that you don’t have the time to consider their standards, which my differ from yours.

In social settings, you can come off as condescending and cold. In order to be more self-aware and conscious in social settings, you must accept that other’s standards may be different from yours and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, though accept others can be difficult for a stubborn earth sign.


9. Sagittarius: Your Idealistic Nature Gets In The Way

Sagittarius, you are an extroverted and excited sign. You are excitable most by things that are foreign to you. You like embracing new knowledge, people, culture and history. Anything new is good for you.

You are also idealistic, which contributes to your sunny disposition, though it can also led to an ‘everything will work out’ attitude, which is not always the case.

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Since you believe everything will work out, you may end up promising more than you can actually deliver or saying something too bluntly to someone. But hey, everything will work out, right?

To be more self-aware, consider negative outcomes sometimes. Take off those rose-colored glasses and consider a world in which everything will not work out.

This will help you see all possible consequences, consider yourself from a more objective point of view,  and also connect to people in a more delicate nature.

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