The New Moon This Thursday Will Be A Double Whammy

The-New-Moon-This-Thursday-Will-Be-A-Double-Whammy.jpgAs you may have already heard, this week will close with the new moon arriving in Cancer on Thursday night. In other words, we can expect emotions to run high and for loved ones to be more open with their feelings during this period.

If you ask us, the moon’s placement in this ultra-sensitive sign was enough of a spiritual twist on what’s normally a relatively laid back lunar phase. But, that’s not where the heavenly activity stops for us mortals this week.

Thursday night will also see a supermoon arrive, which occurs when the new or full moon hits the point in its orbit where it’s closest to Earth, creating the optical illusion that the moon is suddenly much bigger.

This phenomenon isn’t considered rare, but the number of supermoons that happen per year can vary a bit (2017 only saw one, while 2016 had three).

Of course, the more noteworthy supermoons are the ones that take place when the moon is full and you know, actually visible.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to see this week’s supermoon since it coincides with the new moon, the phase in which the moon is invisible against the night sky. But that doesn’t mean it’ll go completely unnoticed.

It’s believed that, when the moon is “super,” its spiritual effects grow stronger. For example, a full moon that also happens to be a supermoon may feel more energizing or motivational than usual.

In the case of the new moon, a supermoon can make its already relaxing, recharging effects feel especially restorative. For some, it could feel like the start of a new chapter.

Long associated with fresh starts and opportunities for change, this lunar phase is considered a spiritual reset button (if the full moon is a fireworks display’s grand finale, the new moon is the match that lights the first sparkler).

Given the intense influence of a new supermoon, that sense of newness and potential may prompt you to make plans for major moves in your life.

If you’ve been meaning to make capital-C changes in your love life or career, you should follow those instincts, but since this month’s new moon will take place in Cancer, you may feel more compelled to focus on your living situation instead.

This sign is closely linked to family and matters of the home, so don’t be surprised if your thoughts take a turn for the domestic on Thursday night.

Start thinking about what you can do to make your place into a home, somewhere welcoming that feels like it really belongs to you. By the next full moon, you could be fully and happily nested.

Oh, and one more thing: This Friday will kick off this summer’s eclipse season with a partial solar eclipse. Unlike the total solar eclipse that rocked us last August, we won’t be able to see this one, but it will still offer a sense of new beginnings.

Just as you put the supermoon behind you on Thursday, this solar eclipse will arrive on Friday to give you one more shot at hitting that reset button. So, what are you hoping to change before the end of the month?



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