The November New Moon In Scorpio Will Bring Out Your Emotional Side

The November New Moon In Scorpio Will Bring Out Your Emotional Side


It’s not polite to talk about money, Libra, but that’s one rule of etiquette you can afford to break. After all, money itself is neither “good” nor “bad”—what matters is how you get it, how you use it, and what that says about your values.

And at this new moon, it’s time to take an honest look at your own finances.



Rising from the ashes: You’ve done it before, Scorpio, and like your spirit animal the phoenix, you’re about to do it again. The question is, what new reality are you “rising” into? It doesn’t have to be a final destination, just your latest incarnation.

But don’t be afraid to aim high—at this new moon, you’ve got the wind beneath your wings.




The brighter the light, the darker the shadow, Sagittarius. But the shadow isn’t all bad, you know—in fact, we bet there are more buried treasures than skeletons in your closet.

And at this new moon, it’s time to start digging for gold. Reclaim something you’ve repressed or disowned about yourself, and let it finally see the light of day.





You’re really going places, Capricorn, and your intense focus and determination are guaranteed to get you there. But by the time you reach your objective, will it still be what you want?

After all, people change—so for your goals to stay relevant, they’ve got to evolve along with you. At this new moon, get real about what’s driving you now.






Patti Smith was right, Aquarius: “People have the power.” But your ability to tune into collective energy is more like a superpower. The only question is, do you use it for good or evil?

At this new moon, you can channel the energy of the group to achieve anything you set your mind to—so please, keep the greater good in mind.





“Love and light” may sound like New Age fluff to some, but you know better, Pisces. You’ve been through some dark nights of the soul, and emerged on the other side of those experiences with a new and undeniable radiance.

This new moon offers spiritual experiences that could be just as transcendent; sharing them with others makes them truly transformative.


Source : mysticalraven


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