The One Thing You Need To Let Go Of Before The End Of 2018

The-One-Thing-You-Need-To-Let-Go-Of-Before-The-End-Of-2018.jpgWhen it comes to the whole “New Year, New Me” thing, we usually think about adding new healthy habits to our lives. Whether you want to start working out, meditating, or taking cooking classes, these are additions to your daily life.

Sometimes, though, it may be best to think of things you can eliminate from your life in the New Year, rather than add to your life in the New Year. That’s right, some resolutions can be about letting go.

There are a ton of things we can all let go of in order to live happier, healthier, better lives. On an emotional level, you can let go of your jealousy, your grudges, or your feelings for that ex-boyfriend who won’t go away.

But also, is he really not going away or are you sending him late night Snapchats? Tell the truth, girl. There are also things that can affect your work productivity, like making to-do lists or procrastinating. Whatever the case, there is at least one thing that each other us could let go of in life in order to be happier.

Below is exactly what you need to let go of before 2018 based on your zodiac sign. So when midnight rolls around on New Year’s Eve, think to eliminate this specific thing from your life.

Trust us, sometimes it’s more important to make resolutions about eliminating unhealthy habits, rather than resolutions about adding in new healthy habits.


Aries: All Those Darn To Do Lists

Aries, you’re the first sign of the zodiac, and so it’s your poor fate to be obsessed with being #1 in every aspect of your life. Luckily for you, you’re also determined, brave, and optimistic. In your mind, there is nothing you cannot do if you put your mind to it.

This usually results in to do lists on to do lists. You have a to-do list for your career, for your apartment, for your workout regimen. Hey, you may even have a to-do list for your relationship. It’s just the way you are.

You like to be proactive and enthusiastic, even about your most far-reaching goals. However, it’s these to do lists that can also be a problem.

You can be so obsessive about completing tasks that you actually hold yourself back. You need to let go of the to-do lists and embrace the chaos of life, as it may make you more successful even faster.


Other Signs That Should Rip Up Those To-Do Lists In 2018

While to-do lists are certainly a problem for an Aries, they are also a problem for several different signs.

The Virgo is a workaholic who enjoys keeping their head down and hitting their goals. The Virgo, too, can have tunnel vision when it comes to their to-do list.

The Virgo is analytical and practical, so to them, the to-do list can come before anything else in the world. Like, a Virgo may turn down happy hour with friends just because it’s not on their to-do list.

Likewise, the Capricorn is one of the most disciplined, most structured signs out there. The Capricorn has a to-do list for LIFE. It’s their career, a wedding, a home, and babies.

Being that the Scorpio is a perfectionist, this sign can also be ruled by their to-do list.

With all of these signs, it’s best to step from those heavy expectations and live life.


Taurus: All Those Grudges You Keep Holding On To

Taurus, you are a very grounded sign. The way you live your daily life is very practical, responsible, and stable. You find great joy through small things in life. For example, sitting on the couch and watching season two of Stranger Things in one day is pretty much your idea of a perfect day.

One of your biggest flaws, though, is that certain stubbornness for which the Taurus is known. This stubbornness can make you very bitter, vindictive, and spiteful.

Taurus, you can hold grudges like no one’s business. That girl who told you that your handwriting wasn’t pretty in the fifth grade? Yeah, you still hate that brat. Every single ex-boyfriend? Yep, hate them too.

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Whatever the case, look at your grudges and figure out what you’re holding onto and what’s holding you back. Let go of those grudges in 2018 and you feel lighter than ever.


Gemini: Cancelling On All Your Friends

Gemini, you are the fun friend of the group. You are adventurous, surprising, and bold. People simply love being around you because they never quite know what will happen next.

Because of your curious and open personality, you do enjoy the time you spend with others. You thrive off of this social energy you get from talking to others and finding out their stories.

However, you’re not the best at keeping your plans. You may intend to actually show up to that party, or happy hour, or dinner, but something comes up. Maybe your coworkers are getting drinks and you feel like you can’t miss it.

Gemini, your issue is that you spread yourself too thin socially. Instead, stick to whatever plans you have in place. Stop ditching one friend to hang out with another. You may not mean it in a bad way, but there’s only so many canceled plans a friend can take.


Other Signs Should Start Stick To Their Plans In 2018

There are quite a few other signs that should try sticking to their plans in 2018.

The Taurus and the Cancer should try to stop canceling in favor of a Netflix marathon. Both signs are homebodies who get more energy from being in their place of comfort, but getting out of the house is good sometimes too.

The Aries and the Virgo should stop canceling plans in favor of work. Yes, these are signs with wildly ambitious personalities, but relaxing with friends can actually make one more productive in the long run.

Lastly, the Pisces often likes to escape reality. This sign would much rather curl up with a good book and indulge in that reality than face their own.

Yes, there may be several different reasons these different signs cancel on their friends, but they should all try to kick that bad habit in 2018. I mean, when have you actually had a bad time when you’ve gone out with your friends?


Cancer: Comparing Yourself To Others

Cancer, when it comes to comparing yourself to others, you sneakily do this very often. Some signs are outwardly competitive with others, like the Aries or the Leo. Cancer, your competitive, jealous nature is more internalized.

You’re a very emotional sign, so your emotions are always on the tip on your tongue. It’s like everything that happens, happens through your emotions.

Even when you read a news story, you do so by feeling emotional over it. Nothing is just facts to you. It’s always emotions. That said, this emotional attitude may allow you to compare yourself to others all the time. It’ll allow those insecure and jealous feelings to take control.

You may try to overcompensate to make up for whatever it is you perceive yourself to be lacking. Instead of comparing yourself to others, embrace what you have. Tuck that overly emotional side away for a minute.


Leo: Talking About Yourself So Much

Here’s the thing, Leo. You talk about yourself a lot. Like, A LOT. However, it’s rare that people actually find this too annoying.

Since you’re warm, cheerful, and charismatic, your stories tend to be engaging and entertaining. In fact, your stories about yourself often times make you the center of attention at a party.

Everyone will be laughing and gravitating towards you. However, you do need to check those arrogant, self-centered feelings. Yes, you may have everyone laughing hysterically over that time you tried to parallel park and hit a cop car. However, you should take a step back from being the center of attention at all times.

By instead of listening to someone else’s hilarious story, you’ll have a broader view of the world. Zip your lips and take in someone else’s perspective for a moment. This will help you see the world outside of yourself, which you can have difficulty doing from time to time.


Virgo: Being So Very Critical Of Yourself

Virgo, why are you so mean to yourself? Seriously, your head is a dark, dark space in which you bully yourself worse than anyone else could ever bully you.

This bullying is due to your analytical personality, and not to mention that you’re such a hard worker. You’re an all work, no play personality. That said, what you mostly do all day is find flaws in yourself and think of ways to work to fix this “flaw.”

You decide your job isn’t good enough, then you do everything you can to make your job better. You do this about your wardrobe, your body, your hair, your education, and basically every other aspect of your life.

You need to step back and stop being such a bully to yourself. Yes, you are analytical, but stop analyzing every aspect of your life.


Other Signs That Should Ease Up On Themselves In 2018

Quite a few other signs could stop being so mean to themselves in 2018.

The Aries could take a step back from always demanding to be #1. Settling for #2 or #3 doesn’t make you a loser, Aries. The Aries needs to learn that they can’t be the best at everything. That’s literally impossible.

The Aquarius is another analytical mind. The Aquarius is very thoughtful and intelligent. They tend to see everything though the scope of logical rather than emotion. That said, they can sometimes beat themselves up. They need to be more gentle and loving to themselves.

The Capricorn is all about looking good to others. The Capricorn doesn’t just want a perfect life, but this sign also wants everyone to see that they have a perfect life. Stepping away from all of these goals for a “perfect life” is just what the Capricorn needs.


Libra: Being Such A People Pleaser

Libra, make 2018 more about YOU! Because you are such a social, fair-minded sign, you’re most concerned with group harmony. You’re only happy is everyone else is happy. While this is a good quality in theory, it also leads to you being self-sacrificing.

You often put other’s happiness before your own. You will also avoid confronting someone when they’ve wronged you just because you don’t want to upset them. Basically, you’re a welcome mat from time to time.

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In 2018, you should give up on pleasing everyone, because guess what? It’s literally impossible to please everyone. Instead, try staying true to yourself and you’ll find yourself much less stressed out. Try to remember that it’s not always up to your to make sure everyone is personally happy.


Scorpio: Those Late Night Texts To Your Ex

Scorpio, do you have a teeny tiny secret? Well, it’s really not a secret because we all know what you’ve been up to.

Scorpio, you’re a very passionate, very emotional sign. Coupled with the fact that you’re a stubborn perfectionist, this makes for a nightmare ex-girlfriend situation. I’m not saying that your ex-hates when you send him those 1 am Snapchats, but it’s just that it’s keeping both you and him from moving on.

Due to the fact that you’re also a very secretive person, it’s likely that you may not even tell your girlfriends about this dirty little habit. Well, it’s time to break the habit.

Delete his number and stop sending him those Snaps. Remember that in order to find your prince, you need to say goodbye to the frogs. And trust me, that ex-boyfriend is definitely a frog.


Other Signs That Should Delete Their Ex’s Number In 2018

It’s not just the Scorpio. Quite a few signs have difficulty finally letting go of that ex-boyfriend. Because the Aries is obsessed with being #1, this sign tends to hold on to exes longer that they should.

Due to their emotional sides, the Cancer, the Taurus, and the Pisces all tend to hang on to those loving feels way after the relationship has officially ended.

The Gemini, the Libra, and the Sagittarius all tend to keep up with their ex on a “let’s be friends” basis. Though, these three signs need to be sure they’ve taken the proper time to heal and move away from the relationship before it becomes a friendship.

Trying to be friends too soon after a breakup can backfire. Lastly, the arrogant Leo is not one to ever let someone move on. The Leo must swallow their pride and allow their ex to live a happy and full life without them.

Ladies, let go of the ex-boyfriend in 2018!


Sagittarius: Your Credit Card Debt

Sagittarius, you are a very live and let live sign. You have a great sense of humor and an idealistic personality, meaning you’re likely to view life through some rose-colored glasses. You think everything will work out in the end. While that’s a great mindset for many aspects of life, it’s not an advisable way to think when it comes to finances.

When it comes to your financial future, it won’t just magically work out. You have to make it work out. In 2018, be proactive about your financial future. Get rid of that credit card debt that’s holding you back.

Pay off those student loans. Set up investment funds. Yes, none of this sounds like a lot of fun, but it’ll be over quick. You just set up a savings account with a monthly automatic transfer and boom, you’ve made some progress in your financial future. Go you!


Capricorn: That Chanel Bag That You “Need”

Capricorn, it’s not enough for you to have a perfect life. You also need everyone to know you have a perfect life. It’s this kind of attitude that can get you in trouble, as you can be very showy.

In order for you to be happy, you may sometimes think you need that designer bag, or to have an apartment in that cool neighborhood, or to drive that new car.

Whatever the It-item you’re lusting after is, stop lusting after it. Or rather, figure out why you’re lusting after it. If you want to buy yourself a Chanel bag for that new promotion, is it to reward yourself or so that others comment on your bag?

Also, stop and think about your financial future and if this is an investment worth making. In 2018, stop letting the status symbols you lust after weighing you down.


Other Signs That Should Stop Lusting After That It Item

The Capricorn is not the only sign who has its eyes on that It-item.

While the Taurus is an emotional homebody, this sign also has a love of the finer things in life. Naturally, the Taurus feels more inclined to high-quality items because the Taurus is very connected to handmade items.

However, the Taurus should look toward high-quality items that aren’t necessarily designer. Instead of lusting for a designer bag, get one made on Etsy. Taurus, you’ll love the one of a kind feeling of a bag sold on Etsy.

All the fire signs – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius – could stop lusting after that It-item. For the Aries and the Leo, wanting that swanky item is about it as a status symbol.

When it comes to the Sagittarius, they more want quality items because they live in the moment. They’d rather enjoy a great purse today than have any money sitting in their savings account for the imaginary future.


Aquarius: Over Thinking Everything

Aquarius, telling you to stop overthinking everything is like telling you to stop being who you are. However, I’m still going to tell you to stop over thinking everything.

As a highly intellectual sign, you over think everything. You sometimes over think thinking. Like, you honestly think about your thoughts. Get it together, girl. This is a real issue when it comes to emotional decisions. You tend to pick the logical answer, instead of ever taking a risk or going with your gut.

In 2018, stop letting that big ol’ brain of yours control you. Relax and let your emotions take control. Also, ease up on over thinking the little things. Which pair of shoes you wear on a Friday night doesn’t matter that much.

You don’t need to make a pros and cons list of every pair of shoes. It’s just occupying space in your brain that you could use for other things.


Pisces: Living In Procrastination Nation

Pisces, you whimsical soul. You have a very gentle nature about you, Pisces. While some other signs may be gone, go, go, you get your energy from quite a relaxation and connecting with yourself.

However, this gentleness can also make you eager to escape the real world. Not only will you lock yourself away from social events, but you’ll also avoid making a decision or embracing your work. You’ll put things off, not wanting to face the realities of every day.

This can be on a small scale, like not wanting to do your laundry. It can also be on a big scale, like not applying for that major job or not putting the effort into a huge project. While escaping reality may be a good thing if you need to recharge your batteries, you can’t escape reality forever.

Living in a world of procrastination won’t actually solve any of the things you’re trying to avoid, Pisces.


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