These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best Full Moon In Taurus & They Can Already Feel It

Are you ready for the full moon? Then again, are we ever? This lunation will be one for the books and sit tight because I’m about to give you the latest on the madness. Although, rest assured, these three zodiac signs will have the best full moon in Taurus 2018: Aries, Taurus, and Capricorn.

Now, the reason I feel this full moon will be one to remember is simply because electric Uranus will be conjunct, aka sitting close to, the moon the very moment it enters its full moon phase.

Uranus is the planet of chaos, rebellion, and unexpected change, and as cliché, as it sounds for me to say this, all we can do is expect the unexpected.


It doesn’t end there, stargazers. Venus, planet of love and relationships, which also happens to be Taurus’ planetary ruler, is currently retrograde in Scorpio. Mind you, the full moon is taking place during Scorpio season. Yea, OK, ground control to Major Tom.

This astro weather is one of the most complex I’ve seen in a long while, and to think, Mercury goes retrograde the same day Venus goes direct. OK, I’m legit laughing out loud right now, because it’s all too much for me to handle. I digress. Here’s what’s in store for Aries, Taurus, and Capricorn during the full moon in Taurus on Oct. 24:




You earned it, Aries. The full moon in Taurus lights up your second house of income, values, and self-worth, bringing closure to an important part of your life, that you’ve probably been working oh-so-hard for.

That’s right. Pat yourself on the back because you earned it, and all of your hard work is finally paying off. For those of you who haven’t been working on a specific project, this lunation is a simple reminder of your value.

It’s a reflection of your bravery and innate power. Feel free to splurge on what makes you happy during this time. You deserve it and so much more. You are beyond worthy.






There’s only one full moon in your sign per year, and well, this is your moment to shine, Taurus darling. Now, think back to May of this year, and reflect on how far have you come since then.

This moon will light up your first house of self, personality, and first impression, and with a shock from electric Uranus, you very well may surprise your colleagues, peers, or perhaps even your loved ones in the process.

Truth is, there is a whole new you coming out to play; however, you haven’t been so sure about letting your true colors show. Well, not anymore you’re not. Ladies and gents, I present to you, the new and improved Taurus.





Va va voom! The full moon in Taurus lights up your flirty fifth house of fun, romance, passion, and creative expression. This is the fun house of the zodiac, literally, so I promise I’m not exaggerating here.

Now, let’s rewind to May of this year. What were you working on? Were you in the middle of launching an art project? Everyone knows you love to stand out in the workplace, but this lunation might be a tad bit more than that. You will be radiating with charisma, attracting everyone in the crowd, breaking necks left and right. Talk about an entrance, huh? This is all you, Capricorn.

Now, for those of you who haven’t been working on anything artistic or creative, this full moon could bring you some much-needed closure, in the romance department. Don’t think about it twice, and move forward.




Source : thewildchild


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