These 4 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best New Moon In Sagittarius & They’re Ready To Manifest

There’s an extra potent new moon headed our way, and if you’re anything like me, you’re already gathering your thoughts, and prepping your list of intentions. However, if you need an actual reason to do so, these four zodiac signs will have the best new moon in Sagittarius, and the energy will be ideal for manifestation: Gemini, Leo, Scorpio, and Sagittarius.

Granted, new moons are always important as they are fully loaded with cosmic potential, but nothing compares to the sign of the archer, and its rich Jupiterian influence. That’s right. Sagittarius season is here, and alongside its planetary ruler Jupiter, for the first time in 12 years.


Speaking of which, the new moon in Sagittarius will take place on Friday, Dec. 7, at exactly 2:20 a.m. ET. This lunation will square both Mars and Neptune in dreamy Pisces. This is definitely a powerful and perhaps testy energetic influence, but there are ways to work around this. For instance, Mars and Neptune in Pisces can bring haziness, confusion, and general ambiguity.

So, let’s be mindful of our decisions and general surroundings, as this energy can be a tad bit too optimistic. You wouldn’t want to be deceived or forget your personal boundaries in the process of manifestation, right? Communication is key, and luckily for us, Mercury will be direct. Let’s get it.



Moreover, here’s what the new moon in Sagittarius has in store for these four zodiac signs:



This lunation brings new beginnings to your charming seventh house of relationships, and other people in general. This lunar influence can work for both business and pleasure, so make sure you use it wisely, Gemini.

The energy of Sagittarius loves adventure and opportunities, so now is the time to invoke your future SO, or perhaps a successful business partner. On another note, however, don’t put your guard down just yet.

Things are most definitely brewing for you, but play close attention to the people that appear in your life during this time. You may or may not cross paths with a few frauds.






Leo, I know it’s not your birthday, but boy, it sure does feels like it, huh? The new moon in Sagittarius will illuminate your vivacious fifth house of creativity, romance, and all things fun.

This energy could spark a steamy long-distance love affair, and perhaps a new artistic endeavor. I know how much you love the spotlight, but make sure you don’t overdo it on the playtime. The energy of Sagittarius can be a bit excessive at times, so make sure you stay grounded.

On another note, don’t put your claws away just yet. The universe might test you, and you and I both know you can be a bit gullible at times.






You made it, Scorpio. You’ve worked so hard this year, and you’re finally starting to see the magical fruits of your labor. In fact, this new moon will illuminate your second house of money, values, and self worth, and well, it’s going to be epic.

Granted, money isn’t everything, but I will say, there are dollar signs sprinkling from the heavens, and they’ve got your name on them. You’re looking good, and most importantly, you’re feeling good.

However, make sure you take a close look at your financial situation before you make any big holiday splurges. You might get a little too inspired, all thanks to this lingering Pisces influence.







You’re walking on sunshine, Sagittarius. Not only are you celebrating your epic birthday season, you’re also on a cosmic joy ride alongside your planetary ruler Jupiter. This new moon is a big one, and you only get one per year, so this certainly calls for a celebratory moon ritual, if you ask me.

What’s on your bucket list? Are you ready to become the best version of yourself? The possibilities are endless, Sagittarius. In fact, there’s no such thing as impossible this year.

However, despite your contagious optimism and Jupiter high, it’s still important that you stay centered, and act responsibly. I got an idea! Whenever you get one of your insatiable FOMO spells, ask yourself: How much is too much?





Source : thewildchild


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