These Are The Zodiac Signs That Will Have The Best & Worst Week

The Worst Week May Hit These Signs

Are you going through some immensely difficult transitions in your life? If so, the cosmos are not surprised. The past year has been packed to the brim with unsettling retrogrades, lifting your comforts away and showing you everything that remains.

Now that Mercury — planet of communication and thought process — and Venus — planet of flirtation, luxury, and romance — are re-entering serious and inflexible Scorpio, you have no choice but to face the music. And, let’s be real: The Gemini full moon that we experienced last week was not screwing around.

As they say, the truth always comes out eventually, and as of November 26, 2018, this will be the worst week for these zodiac signs: Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces. Double check whether or not any of these signs are your rising sign, because this energy will affect you just as deeply.

However, don’t let the melancholy of change bring you down. Remember that the sun still remains in optimistic, open-minded, and forward-thinking Sagittarius. Even though it may seem like we’re nearing the sad end, this is truly just the beginning of a big and beautiful journey. Sometimes the greatest stories begin in darkness. It makes the light that much more worthwhile.





Wow, are you OK, Gemini? I only ask because the full moon in Gemini that we experienced last week sent fireballs of chaos your way, and there’s no way you could possibly be the same as you were before. You’re probably realizing that some major changes need to be made, whether you’re feeling ready to move on or not.

Chances are, these changes are centered on your closest relationships. With Mercury retrograde leaving behind your seventh house of partnerships, you’re coming to conclusions about those who matter to you most.

Unfortunately, those conclusions may feel a lot less pleasant than you might like. Not all connections are meant to last forever, and if it’s clear that your trust is coming to an end, it may be time to finally let go.






It’s common knowledge that those who have Virgo placements tend to spiral out of control when Mercury is in retrograde. Why? Mercury is Virgo’s ruling planet. Do you ever wonder why Virgo’s tend to be such genius analyzers and thinkers? It’s because their ruling planet literally rules over the mind.

If you’ve been feeling like your world is totally in limbo, it’s no wonder. When Mercury retrograde takes place, it encourages a period of rethinking, reviewing, and redoing. Now that Mercury has retrograded back into your third house of communication and routine, you’re reconsidering the way you not only express yourself, but also the way you think.

Are you managing your time properly? Are you taking time to contemplate your decisions before making them? It’s time to leave behind some negative thought patterns that are holding you back.






You may be feeling more in touch with your primal instincts lately now that Mars — planet of aggression, combat, and impulse — is in Pisces. While this is inundating you with powerful motivation and untamed drive, it could also have you feeling like you can’t control your feelings. Why so? The sun happens to be forming a conflicted square with Mars as of Dec. 2.

With a sun in fiery, insatiable, and adventurous Sagittarius creating drama with Mars in your sensitive, dreamy, and intuitive zodiac sign, you could be feeling way more competitive and dissatisfied with your current state than usual.

Even though this energy can make you feel out of the ordinary, it’s pushing you to the edge for a reason. See where it takes you.





The Best Week Will Grace These Signs


Are you spreading your wings? Is your heart beating with wanderlust? Do you suddenly have this insatiable desire to go on a beautiful and wild adventure? It’s officially Sagittarius season and there’s no doubt that it began with a bang.

You survived Thanksgiving in the middle of Mercury retrograde, battled through Black Friday on the night of a full moon, and you seriously deserve all the hugs in the world because last week was intense. Phew. They say this season is all about making memories, and chances are, you’ve already got a whole scrapbook full of them.

The energy is only gonna get more and more interesting, my friends, because as of November 26, 2018, this will be the best week for these zodiac signs: Libra, Leo, and Sagittarius. If your rising or sun sign is in any of these signs, you’re about to have an unbelievable time.

Even though we’re still dealing with Mercury retrograde, we’re in the middle of an amazing astrological time for one glaring reason: Both the sun and Jupiter (planet of luck and expansion) are in optimistic, enthusiastic, and daring Sagittarius. The cosmos are simply oozing expansive vibes, and there’s no reason why you can’t absorb it all.





Are things suddenly feeling a lot easier in your corner of the world, Libra? Are you getting your groove back and feeling like yourself again? That’s because Venus — your ruling planet — is totally on it’s way to moving direct again.

The best part? Venus is also in your first house of the self, sending all her most flirtatious, romantic, and loving vibrations directly your way.

When Venus is in your first house, it has a way of making you the most attractive and enticing person in the room. Don’t be surprised if people are scrambling to get to know you, to be your best friend, and take you out on a date. It totally replenishes your whole aura, which not only helps everyone else fall in love with you; it also helps you fall in love with yourself.





Whoa, Leo. Your golden rays of light are sending magic straight into the world. What am I trying to say? Oh, just that the sun happens to be in your fifth house of fun, pleasure, creativity, and everything exciting about life.

When you’ve got planets in your fifth house, it means you’re fully drenched in artistic energy. You’re tapping back into your creative powerhouse and getting reacquainted with your inner child again.

Time to write a piece of poetry, paint a masterpiece, sing a solo, and rock on. You’re essentially a creative genius right now and you should take every opportunity to express yourself wildly. Don’t judge yourself and don’t criticize. Just have fun.






It’s your solar return, Sagittarius! Are you diving deep into all the birthday vibes? Planning something awesome for every weekend of Sagittarius season? You have every reason to celebrate the person you are, especially when the sun is in your first house of the self.

Now’s the time to take a look at how far you’ve come over the past year and appreciate how much you’ve changed. Chances are, you’ve had to say goodbye to things that no longer serve you and welcome new things that can.

You’ve endured sadness, beauty, hardship, joy, and everything under the rainbow. It’s all affected you so deeply, how could you possibly be the same person you were last year? Take time to set goals for the year to come. You’re on the verge of a new beginning.



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