This Full Moon Will Force All Of Us To Face Our Past Wounds, Thanks To Chiron

This-Full-Moon-Will-Force-All-Of-Us-To-Face-Our-Past-Wounds-Thanks-To-Chiron.jpgDuring full moons, our emotional lives often mirror the moon itself — darkness gets illuminated, and things that are hidden are suddenly brought to light.

This unveiling asks us to reflect upon and deal with those revealed truths, a process that can be slow and emotionally painful. Such is certainly the case with the 2018 Harvest Moon— and that can be difficult to manage with headstrong Aries at the helm, to say the least. Then you throw in Chiron, the karmic wound.

Chiron conjunct the full moon links your fears to a deep wound in your soul related to your childhood memories.

The September 2018 full moon also offers solutions to these problems. Positive energy from Mars and Uranus give the courage and opportunities to overcome the obstacles in your life and your fears.

Whether it be a fear of loneliness, intimacy, change or success, full moon September 2018 will help you overcome your fears and inhibitions.

While Saturn square the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Chiron brings a multitude of potential problems, there are a number of positive aspects in the chart.

First of all, Mars gives the strength and courage to overcome adversity. Another positive influence comes from Uranus which helps break through barriers and overcome inhibitions.


How Chiron will force you to face your past:

If we approach this Full Moon with open minds, open hearts and a positive attitude for change, there’s a lot guidance and power we can garner from its presence in the sky. Much like the season’s fruits and vegetables which are now ripe and ready to be harvested, all of the answers we’re looking for are there an ready to be discovered.

Moon conjunct Chiron brings emotional pain but also healing. Due to the Saturn T-square, however, the wounding side of Chiron will be more in focus. Full moon September 2018 will bring to the surface painful memories from your childhood.

You will probably feel more vulnerable and sensitive as you remember mistreatment by parents or grandparents. Moon conjunct Chiron suggests a deep wound in your soul associated with maternal issues.

However, Chiron opposite Sun and square Saturn suggest father issues as well. How childhood trauma affects your current intimate relationships will become clearer.


Here is how to make the most out of this Full Moon:

While we may feel anxious and a little blue, remember, growth is essential for our personal evolution. So allow yourself to feel your feels — don’t run from them, and try not to let your likely-Aries-influenced temper take over, either.

Work through the emotions by staying aware of the fact that these feelings can actually help you if you choose to work through them, rather than trying to swallow them down again and again.

The September 2018 full moon is truly asking us to clean the skeletons out of our closets. You know how spring cleaning is a thing? Consider this an autumn clean-up, except that you’ll be sorting through your emotional and spiritual life instead of your apartment.

The Harvest Moon will emotionally test us all. We can overcome adversity and insecurities through perseverance. Channel Aries’ fiery, leadership-driven, unabashedly confident spirit when it comes to navigating the deep waters of painful memories and feelings during this full moon.

Your future self will thank you, as you’ll embark on this fresh season knowing that you put in the work to clear out old your old, toxic baggage and make room for new and positive growth.

Aries embodies pure confidence. Action. Drive. Power. So despite all the rough stuff that many of us will be dealing with — past traumas, bad memories, issues that we’ve tried to run from — we can call upon Aries to give us the power to face our demons head-on.

Trying to power through the debilitating forces within will elevate our personal strength and elevate us all to a place of personal power, allowing us to break through barriers from within. Whether or not you’re an Aries yourself, now’s the time to embody the unbridled confidence of one.


Source: mysticalraven


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