This Is How Each Zodiac Sign Cheats In Relationships


It is argued that monogamy isn’t biologically possible and today we will be keeping this theory in mind as we talk about how each Zodiac sign cheats in their relationships.

Now, it isn’t necessary that everybody cheats, here, we are trying to convey the ways in which zodiac signs cheat if they ever do end up cheating.




Being of an adventurous nature, Aries cannot help but cheat on their partners. They like to move around generally and the people they meet while constantly moving around become their guilty pleasures.

The worst part is that they won’t even deny it; instead, they will blame the victim. They blame the victim to ease their own subconscious guilt and to justify their actions to their own selves; that is how they are able to walk around with a guilt-free conscience.

Aries individuals also have strong defense mechanisms which help them in justifying the cheating behavior. As long as they believe that they did it for a reason, no one makes them think or believe otherwise.

They are all about exploring life and that cheat or cheats are a part of their exploring the world.



Taurus individuals are loyal and they almost never cheat. However, if a Taurus ends up cheating on you, it probably means that he or she fell in love with someone else.

If they do cheat on you, there is no hope left because they genuinely love this person and won’t be leaving them ever. You were probably someone they thought they love but didn’t.

It can be pretty hard to be cheated on by a Taurus because they are true and sensual lovers. When they stop loving you or find someone they love more than you, it can be really difficult to deal with the pain.

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They make a relationship worthwhile and losing all of it to another person can potentially break you. Taurus cheaters do feel regret.



Gemini usually cheats on their partners with those who are in close proximity to them. Yes, most cliche he cheated on me with my best friend cases involves Gemini on the giving end.

They target those who are in your close circle. If you’re having a party at your house, chances are that your Gemini is lusting over all of your close friends and acquaintances. They have a hard time controlling their sloppily slippery eyes and hearts.

Due to them dating from your social circle, chances are that the way your Gemini will get caught is if you catch them during the act.

And you know what? You probably will catch them in the act. They are likely to embarrass you in front of your acquaintances or family or friends.

As far as regret is concerned, they will get upset with you leaving them. They are of that kind who do not believe in monogamy and although they might keep this belief a secret, their actions will speak.



Being of a simple and uncomplicated nature, cancers are really bad at cheating. They just don’t know how to cheat and that is why they get caught right away.

They are sensitive and loving people who are always in search of the right person but, at the same time, they are afraid of breaking your heart.

They will either inform you right away about their feelings for someone else or get really anxious trying to keep the news inside. They will regret loving someone other than you because of how it will hurt you.

They will try to tell you in a subtle way but their subtle way gives you a clear indication that your Aries partner has been cheating on you.

The reason behind their cheating habits is the fact that Cancers are always looking for a special person who would complete them. So, they will keep cheating until and unless they find that person. Make sure someone knows how to love a Cancer. You eventually own up to your heartache and emerge from the experience a more broken person.



Leos don’t really cheat not because they are loyal, but because they hate the drama that is associated with cheating.

They cherish their peace and comfort beyond all and would have no problem sleeping with one person for the rest of their lives as long as they are at peace.

They find it easy to love just one person for all of their loves because of all the comfort and all the perks it brings along. They are somewhat too lazy to take all the drama which is why they also find it easy to ward off any feelings growing inside them for someone other than their partner.

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To a Leo, cheating makes no sense. It just brings unneeded complication to their lives and disrupts the peace that they have worked so hard to attain. To them, peace holds much more value than intimacy and that is their key to a happy relationship.




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