This Is What Your Zodiac Sign Reveals About The Way You Fall In Love


Aries is a natural born leader and you like to be in control of your relationships. When it comes to love, you tend to be logical, but try not to get too clinical. A love like yours is a warm, bright one.



Taurus also likes to be in control, but your weakness is a pleasure. When you have chemistry, it’s incredibly passionate and hot. You fall fast. You’re a sensual person who goes with the flow once you’re in love.



Gemini is a ton of fun to be around. They’re passionate, hopeless romantics. They don’t like to be alone, so when they fall in love, they tend to fall very hard. They may come off as needy, but they just love you.

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Cancers aren’t fools when it comes to love. They may fall but they’re always cautious. They hope to find their true life partner. They like people who pull their weight and are ambitious.



Leo rarely has trouble finding love. They’re magnetic people with a great deal of charisma. They’re easy ones to love. But they also like their freedom. Don’t be too surprised it they need their alone time.



Virgo plays it cool in love, but they often feel very vulnerable. They can be hard to read, but they feel their love fully. Love tends to consume them. Remember to be kind and patient when in love.



Libra is organized and goal-oriented. They don’t settle after just one date and want someone who treats them with respect, as well as someone who deserves respect. They take a long time before they commit to a long-term relationship.



Scorpio is intensely fiery and not someone to trifle with. They love and are passionate about relationships. They can come off as dramatic, but it’s just because they can’t stand to see things fizzle. They tend to be stubborn. Just remember to take a deep breath and keep a cool head.

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Sagittarius wants an adventurous, free-spirited love. They want to travel the world and take corny pictures for Instagram. They fall in love with little inhibition.



Capricorn wants a relationship that’s very serious, so if you’re not ready for that, leave Capricorn be. Once there though, they are crazy passionate. They’ll be your best friend and your best lover.



Aquarius has the biggest heart. They give their partners the most attention. They’re selfless lovers, which leads to a very hot, passionate type of love.

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Pisces is likable, sweet and resilient. They also tend to be sensitive, every fight cutting to their core. An argument with them will ruin their whole day. Be careful not to lose sight of yourselves when feeling rocky.


Source: higherperspectives



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