This Will Be The Best Week For These 3 Zodiac Signs, So Get Hyped

This-Will-Be-The-Best-Week-For-These-3-Zodiac-Signs-So-Get-Hyped.jpgMay is officially in full swing, and the excitement is only just beginning. If you’ve been yawning your way through all the smooth-sailing, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. The planetary activity is wild this week.

Change is swirling through the air like it’s nobody’s business, and as of May 14, 2018, this will be the best week for these zodiac signs: Taurus, Capricorn, and Aquarius. If you happen to be born under these signs, it’s time to put your hands in the air and get pumped.

To emphasize just how important this week will be, it begins with a revitalizing new moon in Taurus. A new moon always provides you with a fresh, clean slate from which you can start a new chapter in life. The fact that Uranus, the harbinger of dramatic change, makes an intense move into Taurus on the same day, just increases your chances of enduring a startling transformation.

On May 16, Mars will make a move into Aquarius. This will open your mind up to perspectives and embolden you to change the world for the better.

Venus, the planet of love and harmony, will also make a graceful move into emotional and sensitive Cancer on May 19. This will bring you much closer to your heart and inspire you to strengthen your bonds with others. The week comes to a close with the sun finally entering sprightly and bubbly Gemini. The possibilities are truly endless.


Taurus: It’s Time For Some Exciting Changes Around Here

Change is not something you look forward to as a stubborn, fixed sign. You prefer things to stay the same as they’ve always been. It’s what’s most comfortable to you. However, change for the better just grants you with a new normal, one that you’re even more proud of.

As Uranus makes a move into your own sign on the May 15, on the same day as a new moon that’s also in your sign, there is so much transformative energy surrounding and uplifting you.

This week is rife with exciting possibilities, and you have all the power to take your career, community, mind, body, and soul to a much stronger place.

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The weekends with the sun transitioning into Gemini, infusing your second house of money with dollar signs and extra digits. You’re about to enter a period of dramatic earning power.


Capricorn: You’re Going To Learn A Whole New Meaning Of “Fun”

Uranus is a radical and revolutionary planet, and you, as a cardinal sign, will relish in the red-hot fire it’ll blow under your life — especially when that red-hot fire also happens to be in your fifth house of fun.

Now, I know you have the tendency to feel guilty for choosing pleasure over a business, but here’s the kicker: Uranus is also your financial planet. This transition will make your career and means of earning income a lot more exciting and gratifying to your heart.

You’ll discover ways to enjoy the struggle. You’ll jump out of bed in the morning, eager to make some moves. In this new chapter of your life, you’re happy to be at work.

The fact that your career planet, Venus, will also be moving into your seventh house of partnerships, just increases your connection with what you do for a living. Who knows? You may just find yourself involved in an office romance.


Aquarius: You’re Going To Feel So Motivated And Energized

Mars, the planet of ruthlessness, aggression, motivation, and action, makes an energizing move into your sign on May 16. This will flood you with confidence, ambition, and desire. Any vision you have will come into focus, and there’s no better time than the present to go after your dreams without apology.

Another exciting prospect is your ruling planet, Uranus, entering a new sign for the first time in seven years. This time, the planet of progression and fearless change infuses your fourth house of home and family energy.

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You are bound to experience uplifting and exciting energy in your home base. You may experience the expansion of your clan with a new family member, like a baby, or even a new pet.

You might even move into a new home, or refurbish the one you’re already living in. Regardless, it’s bound to make you feel a lot more proud of where you come from.


Source: elitedaily


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