Today’s DAILY Horoscope For Monday, September 25, 2017 For Each Zodiac Sign


You might notice some things in your life going through some adjustments today as we enter a flexible energy which allows for less resistance while making changes.

It’s Monday, and although this is a beginning in itself, Fall season, you might be thinking about how to improve your appearance, too. With party season coming up, why not?

The Moon is in Sagittarius and the Sun in Libra. Venus, Mercury, and Mars are in Virgo — these three signs are appreciators of beauty and love color, tantalizing smells, and good company.

What does this mean for your zodiac sign? 



You can finally put aside all your activities today to devote to focus on listening some people who in the future will be absolutely responsive to anything you’ll have to do.

Do not miss the opportunity.

What you should not let go is the very advice, warnings and experiences of others that you would like to make yours.

You have to listen carefully, whatever your current commitments are.



A lot of predictions on this day may will leave you confused, so you can only live your life day by day, without pretending to know in advance what turn it will take.

It’s useless to pretend you already know all the consequences of your actions when you have no idea what might happen to those who are close to you and that may therefore reflect on you.

Just breathe and relax.



Take any given opportunity and transform it into reality.

Today you have to be very determined, very direct and absolutely scrupulous about your work and the people involved in it. You can’t afford delays.

You can’t even allow yourself to go ahead and let someone else do what you should’ve done a while ago.

It would be a challenge to stand again and maintain your position!



Always opt for the best of your ideas, especially when you know what your best idea is.

Maybe you were not so careful about your latest project, but you can recover from now on.

What you can’t recover is simply what you did not get, but you can do more to get more.

It is harder to say than to be, so all you can do is be positive and maintain a certain rhythm.



You have kept more than one person pending the past week, whether it is for work or personal issues.

It’s not that you have lost all your chances to get what you could’ve gotten, but you have to be much more careful to not break the strings.

You have to clarify your ideas if you want an extra chance with other people, otherwise no one will be able to understand what your true intentions are because you do not even know it.

This way they won’t be able to help you.



Before people embark on a new path away from you, you should be able to explain your reasons and explain everything you have not been able to pull out during the time spent together.

If you succeed in this, you will create a new connection and a new synergy from which you can start many other activities, all connected and all special.


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