Today’s DAILY Horoscope For Thursday, October 26 2017 For Each Zodiac Sign


Old ways are gone and new things up ahead!

Your daily horoscope is here for today! Now that it’s Scorpio season, there’s been a lot of talk about personal and internal transformation for all zodiac signs.

Today, deeper spiritual work can be done now that the Moon and Pluto are in the sign of Capricorn, the goat.

Pluto is the planet that rules the god of the Underworld, and which sign does Pluto rule? 

You guessed it, SCORPIO. What happens when this tiny planet gets the attention of the Moon who guides subconscious wants and desires?

More transformation, even the kind that’s happening but you don’t realize it until later. 

These are changes in your character that can happen when luck doesn’t go your way, but later on, you realize that the wall you hit was actually there to protect you from harm.

A small example of this could be the day you leave your house early only to realize a tragic auto accident was on the road.

If you had been on time, you might have been in that situation.

The change of perspective about timing suddenly shifts. Being on time, no longer is the higher value. Being safe is. 

It’s these little transformations that build into great epiphanies. This is what’s happening today for you.

Find your zodiac sign below to see what your daily horoscope has in store for Thursday, October 26th, 2017.



Not praising people even they deserve it, is your thing, so today someone may be affected by your behavior, especially in your family, where the clashes are on the agenda.

You could make an effort to gratify someone who is trying to engage with all their commitment to you and only awaits your approval.

So do your best to express it clearly and without double meanings!



You have the opportunity to take certain issues more seriously and this is getting you into crisis.

It is time to apply to reality all the plans you have made in the future.

The future is now, you have to seize the opportunity to make it real.

Usually, you prepare for it before, you are always ahead and then out of time, but today you do not have to be late!



You cannot know what’s happening out of your eyes, so do not think about it.

At the moment you just have to do your best and at the end of the day, you will discover what the others did and what happened.

Knowing to concentrate is not easy as you love distractions and love being interrupted so that you don’t do the same thing, but today it will have to be different because attention will be the only required skill!



You are perfectly in line with the will of the people around you so do not worry anymore about how to get approval for your ideas or projects.

All this is very nice and relaxing but do not drop the guard.

Things don’t have to be always in harmony, because also the clashes and discussions, obviously calm ones, enrich the soul!



Perpetuating some behaviors is wrong, especially if these keep on bringing you problems.

In short, try to avoid them, basically, you can, you have the skills!

You know what does not go in you, what would be better corrected.

You must not passively accept your own defects, especially if they give harm to others and yourself too!


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