Today’s Daily Horoscope, Mon November 19, 2018 for each Zodiac Sign


It’s an action-packed start to the week with Mars square Jupiter and the Moon in do-first, think-later Aries! What’s on your mind? You’re gonna want to jump right in and get to grips with whatever you want to achieve pronto. Whilst it’s good to be proactive, do take a moment to reflect and read the daily horoscope for your star sign right on the heels of the general astrology forecast for the day!

There’s nothing you cannot be, do, have with Mars square Jupiter!
The Moon is in Aries this morning and woe is anyone who’s trying to hold you back! You’ve got a one track mind and can barely see anything beyond that very thing you want. So what is it? What’s your desire? Home in on it and off you go!

Mercury is freshly retrograde, of course, so do try not to act too rashly, especially with Venus also still finding her feet after turning direct a few days ago. This is a major time of transition for all star signs. Things are loosened up and you can affect many positive changes in your life! But try to play around with ideas a little and not charge in all guns blazing only to realize you’re in the wrong part of the woods…

The Aries Moon squares Saturn in the early morning, knocking some sense into you. Duty calls! Then by late afternoon, the Moon trines Mercury loosening your tongue. Yes, this is your cue to speak up, but try to dip tongue in the head before you do.

Things are catching fire by Monday night as sexy Mars in Pisces squares over-the-top Jupiter and your confidence and enthusiasm literally take off. What is it that’s got you so excited? Read on for the detailed daily horoscope for your star sign!




Today’s Daily Horoscope, Mon November 19, 2018 for each Zodiac Sign



Aries Today’s Horoscope

You will be grumpy, not very friendly. Colleagues will bother you and you will look for the clash in the family. Breathe deeply before throwing the first malice, it would be advisable, especially at work.

With the people, you love you should find a way to get along, even when it will seem difficult, even when those in front of you will not be particularly prepared. The efforts are always in two, to make things go well.




Taurus Today’s Horoscope

Ups and downs. Joy and melancholy will alternate on this day with a sad and melancholy flavor. In short, nothing exciting is promised, but you always have an ace up your sleeve to fall at the right time.

Your lifeline could be love, affections or friends, so take some time for them too, to recharge your energy and feel closer to someone. Your attention will be particularly appreciated.




Gemini Today’s Horoscope

Day of usual urgencies, unforeseen events, and various disasters. If you come out unscathed from the morning, you will be able to recharge immediately, thanks to the presence of a loved one. You can relax and enjoy the temptation of sentimentality.

In the evening you will be welcomed like soldiers returning from a war, you will feel pampered, and that’s all you want more. Nothing is better than sweet hugs and a comforting meal!




Cancer Today’s Horoscope

A positive day, disturbed only occasionally by someone particularly naughty. Do not be influenced, change room, speech or even place, if possible, so you will send a strong and clear signal.

In your home, you do not want to give space to negativity, so it is right that you should point out, also because it is a positive message, which will do good to anyone! You will reach your destination very early, doing so.




Leo Today’s Horoscope

You will prepare for listening, and even the people who are there will do the same. You will build something on this day, especially in relationships, because your mood will allow you to show the wisest and most sensitive side.

You will be particularly amiable, so the partner will not be able to resist your sweet words, attention and any request you want to make. At work, colleagues will remain amazed by your kindness.




Virgo Today’s Horoscope

Your body requires some maintenance, but only to relieve stress. If you want to keep this climate of serenity in fact, you’ll have to loosen a bit ‘the pressure of everyday life.

You know that it does not make a good effect, especially because then you discount it to those close to you, so some moments of relaxation will help you maintain that balance that you have long chased and always chase after.


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