Today’s DAILY Horoscope For Saturday, September 23, 2017 For Each Zodiac Sign


You’ll be leading today from the point of view of patience. Do not miss it, it will be difficult to find it again. It’s a shame to waste a day that potentially could give you and your family a lot. Do not put yourself in the middle of the work.

Some sentimental issues can be set aside but not all. You have to be aware that you have something in the pile that goes down and not “sooner or later” but in the shortest possible time for respect of the other person.



Take the bull from the horns! A motto that perfectly reflects the situation you are experiencing and you should exploit, just like you would at any time of your life, so why not in this?

It would be very exaggerated to think that you cannot distance yourself from certain projects to completely devote to what you really want to do. Perhaps as the goal approaches you, you are moving away from fear that has to be tamed.



In addition to your perplexity, there are also those of the people around you, who have a particular interest on facing you. You have different needs and different attitudes, so try to leave them space.

See how the whole thing develops and whether you will need to intervene, otherwise you can leave everything as it is, without too much emphasis on either one or the other. If they will have to make mistakes let them do so!



Many people on this day might give you a twist, especially when you face their complaints and criticisms. You may be a passenger, you may not have made mistakes in fact.

So let them vent you and maybe you’ll fuck it. There are those who just need to cheat against third parties to feel less mediocre or less guilty. Tomorrow they will apologize and everything will be settled.



You are hardly allowed to run certain phrases, as well as a word that you say is too much. Usually you mark everything and make it at the right time, but you will have to overwhelm this day.

You have more to think about, and above all, you know that some things are true or not, so you

might be angry with nothing in practice! Try to behave with maturity e as you should be, despite fatigue.



You have little things to do on this day that will make you feel sorry. But it is really hard for you not to be sorry or not to be a source of disappointment at this time. Maybe you should ask why!

If anything is okay or if nothing goes as you would like it, maybe it means that the first disappointment and dissatisfaction starts from you and not from others, also because they always have a marginal role in your life!



Things that are somewhat incomprehensible this day could blow your mind. But this is only a superficial vision. Analyzing them well you will understand that everything has its own “why” and “because” and you can add the missing puzzles.

Once you have the clear picture you can act as you feel best and certainly there will be no problems in the future, at least of the same kind. Not all the evil comes to harm in short!



If you are obsessed with some issues it will be useless on this day to relax and think of something else. It will be better to try to use your intelligence to solve the intricate maze better.

Also because if you are not going to do it yourself, no one will work as much as you do, so you have only one plausible option and that is what you know very well. You will sacrifice some of your free time for a common good, put it aside!



Those close to you in this day will notice your shining and much more cheerful mood than the usual. It will be up to you to decide whether to trust or not. Certainly you will not be able to hide some news for long.

Your mood is quite obvious, so it is always better not to try to give a different impression. It would not be useful but in fact, it could be read as a false or suspicious attitude that does not belong to you.



Perhaps the day will not be exactly as you imagine, especially work will cause you problems or you will create unforeseen events. This will initially put you in a bad mood. Then as always you will understand your potentialities.

In fact, you are perfectly able to handle the most imponderable commissions in a short time and then devote yourself to everything that makes you feel good. That’s what makes you special and it’s why many take advantage of you.



You can be much more committed than you are now, so be happy about having these tasks. In the future it could go much worse. On this day you could take on some project, but you will not make it very likely.

You prefer to be pressured and this could be understandable as you give the best of you, but as you know it might sound like an excuse and this is unacceptable for those in front of you.



Small obsessions may limit you to this day, especially those in a relationship, to two or one ambitious project that involves another person. Being meticulous is fine, being careful is fine too, but coming to ridicule may not go any better.

Try to contain yourself, try to understand what your limits are, especially to trust others, at least for small things. You always start with these, with the little things then go to the big ones!


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