Today’s DAILY Horoscope For Tuesday, October 24 2017 For Each Zodiac Sign

Daily-Horoscope-tuesday-2.jpgGood things all day, zodiac signs!

Your daily horoscope is here, astrology lovers! The planets all come together before the grand Sun who is nestled between Scorpio and Libra as she makes her way into the 8th House.

It seems as though it’s a fair well party between the planets as Mars, Makemake, Venus, Haumea, Jupiter and Mercury all stand

before the Sun who is blocking the Earth from receiving the energy of all these planets, but also in a protective stance from Uranus who is in Aries. 

Meanwhile, the Moon has made its entry into Sagittarius with Saturn, the Father of Luck and good fortune.

You can hardly see the pale Moon when it’s close to Saturn with all its rings, yet, there’s something symbolic to be said when the planets are this way in the universe.

Especially when Saturn is in Sagittarius, there’s more to learn about life, learning, and wanting to share what it is that you have learned.

When Uranus is in retrograde and in Aries and in opposition with another planet, the energy of that planet can get a ‘thrown off’ feeling.

There’s can be miscommunication, or even missed communication.

Text messages aren’t received or responded to in a timely manner. Love can feel dormant or blocked slightly.

There might feel like a lack of clarity and focus. The Sun may illuminate these problems during her time of leaving.

She’s saying bye to her time of highlighting relationships and now pointing to the inner work that needs to be done in order to self-improve. There’s always room to improve yourself! 

That’s the funny thing about being in a relationship, wherever it is.

If you’re at work, the people you bump heads with can reveal where your weaknesses are. You can use your strengths to improve weaknesses to turn those areas into strengths, too.

The people who bring out the best in you can give you confidence.

During this time, we are reminded that there’s always some work to be done to improve ourselves even when things feel a little whacky. 



You can’t take risky decisions today, especially if you are not very convinced of what you are doing.

It would be much better to give a shake to your own conscience instead of thinking about the affairs of others.

Even if you do it for altruism, you will end up failing to handle your issues, you will be hasty about something important and eventually, you will only create a big chaos that will cost you a lot.



It is better to make new decisions regarding the next goals you want to achieve, without too much involvement in the less noble aspects of your business.

Try not to be overly focused on what are activities that will not bring much progress in your work and personal life.



What you fail to do at this time is making decisions that may affect someone you particularly like, but who keeps on being criticized.

You should opt for the best choice for the sake of all, and not just for that of a single person, who among else,

does not even seem to appreciate your excessive interest.



Your interest in a person should not have particular implications, otherwise, you will end up in a situation far greater than what you can handle.

What you have to keep under control is simply your mood, because it is the latter that will allow you to be more inclined to some misadventures.



Do not be too dim and do not diminish your plans to hit someone because you will not succeed.

The only thing you can do is love yourself and show it. Usually, there is not much difficulty.

What you will be able to do especially well in the day will be fun.

You are always able to find something fun to do in short!

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