Today’s DAILY Horoscope For Wednesday, October 25 2017 For Each Zodiac Sign


Look on the bright side of love, zodiac signs!

Hello, astrology lovers! Your daily love horoscope is IN! Every feel like love was more battle than victory?

There are times when this happens, and no, it’s not you. There are some crazy makings happening in the universe.

Here’s what you need to know about this planet and why it’s current position can cause problems for us all until May 2018.Uranus in is Aries.

Uranus while in Aries is on the warpath when it comes to change. Constant changes and many of them are opposed to what is defined by traditional love.

Ruled by Aquarius, this planet thrives on individual thought.Right now, this planet is opposite of Venus who is now in the sign of Libra.

For couples and families who often do things together, this can mean there’s more chatter that’s dissonant.

There can be more idle threats to try and control a situation.

When someone throws out an idle threat it’s the equivalent of the little boy who cried wolf. It’s a cry that there’s fire, but nothing is burning. 

Check out your zodiac sign’s horoscope below to guide you through.




If you do not have enough courage to handle certain situations, then you should at least warn the other people involved about the possible risks.

Surely they could find a way to solve the matter without being excessively intrusive to you and release you from the burden of having to take action.



You can expect to gain something today, at least from the professional point of view, because you have worked so hard and deserve recognition.

In fact, it is necessary to force your hand on these occasions, otherwise, it would end up in you always giving but not receiving anything back. Merit alone is not enough.



Even the best opportunities could turn into something else if you are not able to pick them, especially in the professional field, because that is where you have to press right now.

Everything else can be let in the background because today will be crucial to achieving a goal so that you can continue tomorrow with other projects in a lean way.



Even in the future, you will be able to make decisions about your work, but today it is crucial to try to balance some relationships with your colleagues or your opponents, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Certain limitations from envy or lack of trust from others could block some plans leading to their eventual failure if you don’t act in time.



You have been pushing on some professional issues lately but with little success.

Perhaps the timing was wrong, so you should immediately change course and try to take alternative routes.

Surely you will not have any further delays, but at least you will have learned that being in time is as important as being intelligent indeed, the two things are definitely indispensable!



Any situation on this day might bother you, but it will be essential to keep calm and go all the way down!

You certainly cannot opt for alternatives that would not fight for your needs.

The highest risk would be to reject proposals that are actually much more interesting than what you initially perceive, being misguided by the appearance that matters a lot to you.


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