Today’s Daily Horoscopes, Friday December 15, 2017 for each Sign



virgo-1.jpgIt was you who set the priorities of others and it is possible on this day that they can blame you for this aspect of your character.

That is, excessive self-confidence and the presumption of always having an answer to everything.

In fact, for someone, this attitude is fundamentally annoying because it does not allow them to talk freely or reflect as they would like to, since you always prevaricate them and there is no way to change your mind until you understand that it is not the right way.



libra-1.jpgPerhaps you have chosen the least appropriate way to get in touch with a person.

You should reconsider your choice, because it is not going to bring any positive results anytime soon.

If you have something urgent to do, you may not accept or look for excuses for not being found.

It is better to look elsewhere, both for people and for the excessively ambitious project you want to complete.

Take one step at a time.



scorpio-2.jpgPerhaps there could be a way of meeting your will with that of a person who has always been against you for a long time and which hinders all your proposals every time.

The best method is to deal with it directly.

Only through dialogue and confrontation you can understand their reasons to always fight you and never take your words or advice into consideration.



sagittarius-1.jpgIf you prefer to have sincere people around you rather than efficient people, then you are on the right horse.

Otherwise, it will be clear to you that you are far ahead of your career and you do not care enough about personal relationships.

Everyone makes their own choices therefore you cannot complain about what comes out or how others behave towards them.

These are difficult questions to deal with, but at the end you will eventually figure it all out.



capricorn-1.jpgOn this day you will have to train to provide honest and sincere answers, as you will find yourself in front of a meadow and you will not be able to improvise.

It is important to prepare.

You usually think very carefully about what words to use, what kind of approach you have towards those who want to scrutinize you or want to analyze them.

But today you will be a little more anxious than usual which will make the situation a bit more complicated.



aquarius-1.jpgTry to choose the hardest route on this day because it could be the one that will bring more gains and greater work-related glory.

You will not have to step on others but simply be a little more confident about yourself.

Also from the sentimental point of view you should make the same choice because playing too simply could have negative implications, such as the monotony that you will be challenged and that perhaps could be a reason for loss of interest.



pisces-1.jpgIf you cannot clear your intentions with a person, both at work and at a personal level, then you may find yourself with a problem at the end of the day.

You will be forced to think of something you do not want to think about even when you should relax.

Apart from the word play, you may encounter numerous problems in approaching someone, overly burdened by thoughts that obviously should no longer concern you.





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