Today’s Daily Horoscopes, Monday July 23 2018 for each Sign

MondayMonday will be a good day to start new things that are important for your work or your family. The successes will be achieved with ease, especially if you have already done the necessary preparation.

The day brings success and luck to active and purposeful people. The costs will be more and you will have to be more careful with them so you will not get any trouble. Monday will be favorable for traveling both for work and for family or for personal reasons.

If you were born under the sign of Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, today you will have some exaggerated travel-related concerns or people from other places.

Today, many will be preparing for something new in life: new activity, a new level of education (training), a new person or family commitment, etc.

The day brings joyful news to your home. On Monday, you might be surprised by an event related to someone living in another city. Surprises today will be a reflection of your actions by the end of the week.

If you were born under the sign of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn today, you will have important conversations or interesting events related to your work.

You will receive news related to an important event in the life of a person you know. Today, beware of accidents or loss due to distraction or inattention.

If you have the expectation of money or the development of your financial documents, today there may be a temporary delay or hurdle that will be quickly overcome.

If you were born under the sign of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, today expect events that will be mostly related to your relatives. On Monday there will be events in your work related to leaving a colleague, separation with a client, partner, or the emergence of new ones.

There may be slight tensions at your workplace. The day implies a trip associated with some tension or travel on an unpleasant occasion. Today, be diplomatic in your relationship with relatives born under the sign of Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo.

If you were born under the sign of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, on Monday a temporary monetary or financial concern will arise. This day can delight many of you with news or success with a woman. This will be a good day for romantic experiences, meetings with an old or new love, with a marriage partner, etc. Men over the age of 35 will experience personal satisfaction with well-done work. 

For a deeper look and understanding of all the forces at work – also referred to as transits – between the mundane chart on the day and at the time the horoscope is cast, and all the configurations of your natal chart, affecting your sign today refer to our Free Daily Personalized Horoscope.


Aries-1.jpgReady to make your opponents eat dust: definitely today you will not lack the grit! Whatever your goals are, you do not intend to give up until you have reached them.

In the package, however, you must also include constant and patient action!

Often when results do not come on the first try, you get impatient and tend to give up.

If you would instead calibrate your actions and use an effective strategy, you will reach the heart of your goals. But keep in mind the third essential ingredient: time.



taurus-1.jpgSensual and hedonists, today you will have a great desire to court and be courted. And what is your partner doing? Ignoring your silent requests!

Irritated and discontented, you will throw yourself dead body into the duties of everyday life.

Thanks also to this, in the professional area, you will get a lot done.

Your commitment will be noticed by those in charge and you can rest assured that today or in the coming days they will get back to you in the form of a proposal or an important assignment.

And in the evening, here you are serene and smiling, ready to return to office.



gemini-1.jpgyou will discuss something with your family today, about which you all have to agree, furniture, shopping, a party or a trip or the next holidays.

Thank goodness that the atmosphere will be congenial, serene and peaceful, and you can assert your reasons.

After all, you have worked hard to obtain this very calm and today you will enjoy the positive effects, the benevolent consequences.

It is exactly as the saying goes: those who sow well, gather an abundant harvest of advantages and profits! And now it will be time to seize the fruits!



cancer-1.jpgA novelty could stand out on your horizon, it could be a response from a friend who maybe invites you to go out or leave for the next weekend or a work proposal that perhaps will catch a bit of surprise.

Evaluate well, thoroughly and with caution, but do not look at the situation with the glasses of distrust or you may miss an opportunity.

Changes are never easy but if you do not change you will not grow. So the fear is banished and forward all the way to the future.



leo-1.jpgVanity is human, and you certainly are not extraterrestrials.

However, try not to become slaves of your outward appearance: it is laudable to take care of yourself, and taking care of the look is an aspect of personal care, but if you are exaggerating you should take a step back.

Or are you trying to impress someone? You should draw attention to how you are, for your personality, except if what you are looking for is not a passing flirtation.

Think about it: if they notice only the looks, they might not be the right person for you!




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