Today’s Daily Horoscopes, Sat. December 23, 2017 for each Sign


Avoid shopping or big decisions from 5 AM to 10 AM EST today. After that, the Moon moves from Aquarius into Pisces

On Saturday, you will have expected and unexpected costs associated with purchases or payments.

On the pre-holiday day you may experience sadness or disappointment with a girl or a young woman. Your meetings today will be filled with many emotions.

You may learn important or interesting things for you. Men over 35 will receive an important notice or invitation. Today is a time for love and enjoyable activities.

Expect important or interesting news from your relative. Today you may need to be part of a celebration or important event.
It is possible to receive news about future motherhood or childbirth. On Saturday, expect an interesting meeting or conversation with a person who is younger than you or lives far away.

If you were born under the sign of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces today, despite your great employment, you will be able to enjoy successful and beneficial actions and situations.

Today everything will depend largely on you and your activity. If you make efforts and manifest your intellect, you will have a successful and fruitful day. Relationships with loved ones today must be based on your common commitments.

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Aries-1.jpgA rather busy day to solve some unconcluded issues before closing their doors for some time.

Perhaps there could some be important news to take, but you will have to realize them in the middle of the chaos.

Praising yourself will not be enough to shift the attention on you, just words don’t not followed by facts, are much less valuable than real actions.



taurus-1.jpgYou have to be very patient today, in order to be able to develop your dreams better and set up new projects, even if time is against you.

You can put a good foundation for your future.

With your predisposition, you will surely succeed in making a new deal, but only if you know how to seize the right moment, without forcing things.



gemini-1.jpgTry to shift your attention to your personal issues and not to those concerning work.

For certain issues you can still hope for a complete revolution, new horizons and new adventures.

What you will certainly not change will be your mood if you do not do anything about it!

You must be more open, but even more empathic would not hurt.

You miss that sentimentalism that is spontaneous to other people.



cancer-1.jpgToday will give you beautiful emotions that will surely change your visions towards some people, with whom you have not set off on the right foot.

Try to put a few more pieces in your puzzle.

You will find on the other side much more availability than in the past, especially when you need help or simply clarification that will be given without problems.



leo-1.jpgIf you have any doubts about people who must somehow become part of your close circle of friends, acquaintances or collaborators, it will be better not to make any decisions on this day.

It would be rash and unlikely for you and your professional or business affairs.

Do not be tempted by beautiful words that in the end are just words.

You must be convinced by the facts and the results.


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