Today’s Daily Horoscopes, Sat. February 3, 2018 for each Sign



You spent a lot of time criticizing others but you haven’t noticed what was happening to you and your personal issues.

Today you should take stock of the situation and try to understand why some people are away.

  Better to get them back on time, before it’s too late. If you are honest and you will try to meet them, you can fix something from today. Do not be ashamed to say what you think but above all to express your feelings.



If you have not yet chosen the shortest route to reach your goals, today you might have a hand from destiny. But try to seize the opportunity without letting it get out of hand.

You will have to be ready and able to fulfill our duties.

You have also made promises to the people you love most, so you can not disappoint them but above all, you have to set a good example and show them that anyone can do it.



Today you will be very sweet and available to the people you love and they will become suspicious at the beginning. If you make surprises to those who you don’t usually consider much, it is obvious that they will react in a strange way.

You should instead make small gestures to make them understand that you are there and that you love them.

Exaggerating is not the best way to prove something, especially if you are not used to doing it. Better to resize and start from the bottom and then raise the shot as you go.



Try to put the people who would like to overtake you in their place. In fact, this day you will have to deal with opponents and with dishonest colleagues who will try to do everything to put your sticks in the wheels and tarnish your prestige.

By now you are used to this type of attacks but even if you were not, you can always defend yourself with your dignity and with the work you have accumulated in recent times. What you deserve will surely be given to you.



Today you will be a little downset because you have received news that you did not want to hear. However, you have special people next to you who will help you overcome this moment and try in every way to make you live this day in a serene way.

After some reflections, you will understand that in fact, you can also have fun, although there are other people who do not fare well like you do. This is not a valid reason to stay with the pout.



Try to recover on this day all you could not do in the last week. You have free time at your disposal and you should use it in the most profitable way possible. You have accumulated numerous tasks and emergencies.

Someone may instead need you spiritually or sentimentally and this will obviously accumulate thoughts on thoughts, anxieties about anxieties. You can still manage your best trying to do everything possible.



Try to give yourself an opportunity, try to do your own thing even if everyone else tells you to go in the opposite direction. Perhaps your idea is more valid, but you have to believe in it more and you have to believe in yourself.

You cannot always make yourselves be subdued by those around you. You are too submissive, always think that the criticism of others is founded and never think that instead, you could be right. Your generosity sometimes leads to naivety.




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