Today’s Daily Horoscopes, Saturday January 13, 2018 for each Sign


Communication planet Mercury meets Saturn at 2:03 AM, inspiring serious conversations. Confusion arrives at 2:39 AM when the Moon in Sagittarius squares off with Neptune, so trust your intuition and avoid paranoia.

Venus clashes with Uranus at 2:07 PM, stirring up drama and inspiring people to suddenly do their own thing. 



You need some little boost on this day, especially to take the initiative with some people. From a romantic point of view, for example, you have let many empty spaces you need to refill.

You are definitely back with some appointments too, so recover them without excuses. Being in the company of the person you want, will be worth more than a thousand possible excuses.



If you want to help someone in this period, you must be sure that this person is actually in danger or needs your support, otherwise, you will get the opposite effect, or they will move away from you.

Someone could indeed even consider you intrusive, although your intent is completely different. So try to put yourself in the shoes of others before doing anything and if the situation is not clear, ask and you will be answered.



You will have difficulties making some decisions that don’t affect you that much, but someone else who is not yet able to take them their self. You will have to make a lot of evaluations and what you lack is the time and also the will.

In fact, you would prefer not to meddle or not have to have this kind of responsibility, but this adventure will also make you grow and you will acquire new skills if you bring it to completion with dedication and success. Next time it will not seem so terrible.



Go your way on this day even if the past will come knocking on the door. In fact, despite some minor difficulties, you will immediately understand the reason for this return and you can get rid of it in a flash if you do not let yourself be convinced by some tempting proposal.

In fact, it will only appear so and you know it well because you have already experienced this situation several times, always with the same result. Nothing will change this time either, so do not even consider it.



Try to be more proactive and less lax in this day, because there could be an interesting news that concerns you and that should, however, be developed to its fullest today, not tomorrow, nor the day after tomorrow.

In some cases, you forget or completely ignore the importance of timeliness, perhaps because there are other things you consider really important, but not everyone thinks so. Your vision will have to change, otherwise, you may miss out on many opportunities.



Even if you are not fully satisfied with what some people have revealed to you, you should still try to appreciate the fact that they have vented with you and not with others. Evidently, you are still at the center of their consideration.

It is precisely this that you want, to be appreciated and considered, so you shouldn’t complain, in fact, you what you should do is make sure others won’t complain about your behavior if you do not reward the trust that has been granted to you.


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