Today’s Daily Horoscopes, Sun. May 27, 2018 for each Sign



virgo-1.jpgYou’ve never been fond of blind dates.

Well, after one too many interesting experiences, to say you’re less than fond of them wouldn’t quite cover your sentiments.

But for some darned reason, a friend or family member is insisting that there’s someone you’ve just got to meet.

Hey, who knows? They could be right this time. Just don’t sign up for dinner. Suggest coffee or drinks, and duck out early if you need to.


libra-1.jpgFrom the very moment you got up this morning, you’ve been in a rather odd mood.

You don’t want to do anything the way you used to do it, and you don’t particularly care if anyone is offended by it.

You’re not even trying to compromise, either.

You’re not usually like this, so don’t be surprised if your dear ones are a bit stunned. Bet they get a big kick out of it, though.


scorpio-2.jpgIt’s just your nature to wonder, but when you do too much of it, it can easily turn to obsession.

Keeping that in mind, might it not be time to stop worrying if there was a deeper meaning behind a comment a dear one recently made?

You’re a natural-born detective, but some clues just aren’t worth following up on.

And some folks aren’t clever enough to insert an actual meaning into everything they say.


sagittarius-1.jpgAt this point, your friends are pretty well-trained.

Most of them don’t even bat an eyelash when you get going on one of your favorite subjects — even if it’s in a public place.

They’ve learned that resistance is futile, and besides, it’s usually quite entertaining to see you in action.

Today, however, even the most seasoned among them will be hard-pressed to keep a straight face. Of course, you may have an equally hard time of it.

Basically, one never knows what you might say or do.


capricorn-1.jpgStill feeling solid, practical and responsible?

Not to mention grounded? Good, because with what tumbles out of your mouth today, you’re going to need to be feeling confident.

Well, it’s tough to say what it’s going to be, but it won’t be something that you or anyone around you could ever have predicted.

Almost sounds like fun, doesn’t it?


aquarius-1.jpgWe’re all going to be quite chatty today. There’s just no doubt about it.

But you? Well, you’re going to be even more verbally reckless than you usually are.

Now, it’s not like you’ve ever needed any help getting inspired to say exactly what you want to say — the heck with the consequences — so you’d better warn anyone who startles easily. Or not.


pisces-1.jpgTelling you not to go out and spend every dime you have on a lark with absolutely no thought for the future isn’t going to work.

Asking you not to do anything even a bit less drastic won’t work, either.

If someone who loves you reminds you of the bills that will be turning up in the mailbox, though, right around the same time the mortgage arrives?

Well, that might work. Still, no guarantees.



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