Today’s Daily Horoscopes, Thu. August 9 2018 for each Sign




virgo-1.jpgToday you will feel annoyed by an observation to which, at the moment, you probably will not give much weight.

But then, when you think of it again, it will come to your mind that perhaps it was not as innocent as it seemed and that someone wanted to punish you on purpose.

Above all, you will regret not having had the answer ready.

In the evening you will remember a thousand jokes that you could have said. But if you have not been ready to argue patience.



libra-1.jpgToday you will feel the desire for nature, a walk in the green, or by the water.

And you will organize yourself to find the time to support this desire that will do well to the body and soul because it will help you relax and release tension.

In fact, you will end up understanding that you should cut out every day of your free time for yourself: even half an hour will repay you extensively in terms of serenity.

The most important person is you and every effort made for you will always be worth the trouble and effort.




scorpio-2.jpgHave you reached a point where you no longer know what to have to do with a person? It will sadden you a little, but the only solution will be to abandon them to their destiny.

You have tried every possible way already but the only thing you have got so far is to waste your time.

The affection has pushed you to this but now you cannot continue on this line of action. But, for now, take some more time.



sagittarius-1.jpgThe memory of mistakes made over time turns into regret.

Today you will think of a person but the melancholy could cloud the truth of your memories and make you remember them much better than it really was. Why these thoughts?

Maybe because you just suffered a disappointment, and, wrongly, now you’re thinking that maybe it would have been different if …

Look to the future, as you know how to do very well you. The past is gone, and you should cut the bridges. Tomorrow is a new day!



capricorn-1.jpgWhen it comes to material interests, here you are ready to take what you want, with cunning, discreet ways and a pinch of cynicism, which you think will be realism.

After all, you are right: victory is for those who can take it.

However, you are not as bad as the picture you, because when someone asks for your help, you are always the first to offer your hand.

So, on balance, perhaps the only thing you miss is hypocrisy. Better this way!



aquarius-1.jpgYou would like to do many things but then end up, like today, dragged and distracted by the thousands of events that happen every day.

And you will arrive at the end of the day finding out more, chronic latecomers and serial wasters! A remedy?

Be immediately distracted by friends!

The fact is that you think life does not last forever and you do not want to lose yourself in fixed patterns.

You want to explore, learn: and this evening human relationships will offer you excellent opportunities to realize your expectations.



pisces-1.jpgAn unexpected delay will offer you the opportunity to make a meeting that could open up new perspectives.

Whether it’s work, friendship or even love, in any case, you will be open to new things and your attitude will allow you to take the case to the end.

The best situations are sometimes born like this: as if by chance.

And you are good at throwing yourself headlong into these paths that suddenly open up before you, a bit like Alice in Wonderland.

You will make some very interesting and perhaps even productive discoveries.


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