Today’s Daily Horoscopes, Thur. May 3, 2018 for each Sign



virgo-1.jpgEvery now and then, life has a funny way of putting us in positions we’re not happy about, one of which is being forced to make a decision we’d rather have absolutely no part of.

That may be what you’re up against now, especially if you’ve been keeping a rather uncomfortable secret for an uncomfortably long time.

What you’ve got to decide now is what will make you feel best about the situation.

Bet you already know what that is.



libra-1.jpgYour loyalty to a friend, family member or lover is about to be rewarded — big time.

You don’t expect it, because you didn’t do whatever it was to be recognized or given a great big pat on the back. You did it for one reason, and one reason only:

Because that’s just the way you’re built.

If you feel the need to talk the situation over privately with someone, make sure you choose someone who’s built the same way.



scorpio-2.jpgYou’ve never been a big fan of the spotlight — that’s no secret — but when you’re forced into it, whether it’s for a second or an afternoon, you rise to the occasion like a champ.

That’s because you, of all signs, know how to fire-walk — how to do exactly what needs to be done, no matter what that happens to be.

So when someone dear to you puts you center-stage to thank you or reward you, force yourself to accept the attention graciously.



sagittarius-1.jpgEvery sign has at least one ‘guilty pleasure.’

Travel is at the very top of your sign’s list right now, and you may not have indulged yourself in it for what seems like a very long time.

If a loved one suggests that you two take off for destinations unknown with no more detailed plan than a roadmap, a couple of credit cards and enough gas money to keep you two out of town for a few days, then — well, let’s just say it won’t be an absolute nightmare talking you into it.



capricorn-1.jpgMost people buy gifts when the occasion calls for it, like birthdays, holidays or congratulatory events, for example.

Not you. You’re far more prone to give someone something because you know they’ll just love it, they’re the only person on earth who, in your opinion, should have it, or because they’ve either had an especially bad or an especially good week.

So when you see that perfect item now, no amount of conversation will talk you out of wreaking havoc on your plastic.



aquarius-1.jpgEveryone who loves you knows you’re not much for public displays of emotion — but if they know you that well, they also know that you adore being surprised.

So when — not if — someone who cares a great deal for you suddenly makes a grand demonstration of their feelings for you don’t be embarrassed if a bit of color comes to your cheeks.

You’re entitled to enjoy this type of thing every now and then — and by the way, so are they.



pisces-1.jpgIf anyone out there is familiar with the concept of melodrama, it’s you — because when your emotional cup is full, it really runs over.

That may well be the case now, even if you haven’t done one single little thing to cause it to happen. Since you may be the only person handy who’ll be able to handle the situation, lend your expertise:

Let everyone in the vicinity know that it’s impossible to be discreet and completely in control, emotionally, at all times.



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