Today’s Daily Horoscopes, Thur. November 23, 2017 for each Sign



You have had several mood swings in this last period, perhaps due to confusing situations created by you, both in the professional and in the affective sphere.

Try to be clearer at least with the people you love.

With your opponents or colleagues, on the other hand, you should be more patient and even less competitive.

To continuously challenge the fate, is not the best way to get to the goal you so longed for.



Maybe you have more strength and determination than you think.

This day could be a demonstration.

If you know how to catch the moment you will not regret it and you will be able to reach the finish line.

Perhaps what you miss in this period is just a bit of tranquility, which you will find when you have obtained what you are looking for with so much assiduity.

The key to everything is constancy and commitment, so once you understand this you will have the solution to your problems.



You have plenty of room for creativity on this day, so do not imprison yourself in anything classic or monotonous that anyone else would be able to think about.

You would miss a very important opportunity to do something new and exciting in your life.

You usually prefer not to exaggerate, always be faithful to your ideas and rationality, but every now and then you have to risk, dare, and change the rules to make them better.

Even a small change could make a difference.



Lately, you have spent most of your time in hobbies and extra-working and extra-family activities, so today you can safely recover what you missed.

Continuing this lonely path would lead to further loneliness.

It’s not a question of selfishness but it’s a matter of opportunity, as you cannot spend too much time on one thing or the other without excluding another.

You should find a better equilibrium because you are so unbalanced.



If you are going to overdo this person’s pride too much, then you can expect nothing but discussion and even aggression from them.

You too would do it because you are doing the same.

You would not accept certain criticisms and should not do them to others.

If you discuss constructively and with quiet tones, you will add no doubt to a new Epiphany that will be very useful for building a better relationship.



Feel right about the perplexity of some people who initially stimulated you to carry out certain activities, then back down when they should work with you.

It is right to clear any doubts today, whether alone or with the person concerned.

You cannot possibly start collaborations or a common path if you are not convinced that you have the right and the most capable people at your back, who can give you a hand when you need it and complete a program with you.



Choose the most convenient way today, because no one will repay you for any extra effort.

You should just go straight for what you need.

You should not continue to work for other people if you do not feel you are happy with the treatment you have been given.

It’s not so much an economic question as it is a matter of meritocracy.





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