Today’s Daily Horoscopes, Tuesday April 3, 2018 for each Sign


On Tuesday, many will be upset by unexpected news or events that will happen near you or far away. Whatever they are, above all, avoid conflicts and hasty reactions. Probably today you will decide on your actions related to a girl or a young woman.

Communication with a son, grandson, nephew, or another young man from your family is difficult. Today you can attend a man-related gathering: birthday, name day, anniversary, or something else.

If you were born under the sign of Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, today you can delight in an asset, a good deal, good results if you make or create something.

Many will commit themselves to completing activities and commitments already started. The day is favorable for travel and for contacts with people from other locations related to work or personal business.

If you were born under the sign of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, ahead of you is an interesting and very successful day according to your own ambition and activity.

Today you can achieve a lot because different circumstances or important people will support you. The only unstable or stressful situation may arise in your family.

If you were born under the sign of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, on Tuesday you will spend time and money on a child, grandchild, or a young person in your family. This will be a good day to get money or a document related to a child.

Generally, the day is more costly with less revenue. Be careful with your cash resources. Today, your main concerns will be good with timely implementation of important assignments and tasks.

If you were born under the sign of Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, today you will expect the development of the troubles that have already begun. They probably do not concern you directly, but they will have some effect on your personal or professional life anyway.

Today, avoid insincerity or a lie in your actions because you will cause a very strong and unpleasant reaction and counteraction. This is an unfavorable day for court or lawsuits.

Today you will experience a particular attention or spiritual support from a woman from the real world or from the Beyond. 

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Aries-1.jpgWhat’s on the menu? Well, think in terms of a surprising emotional outburst, the likes of which you haven’t seen in… oh, gosh — days, at least.

This doesn’t mean it’s going to be you who’ll go off by yourself to get the job done, or that you’ll ‘go off’ on someone for the same reason.

It could, however, indicate that there are fireworks en route that won’t just be appearing in the evening sky.



taurus-1.jpgAn interesting tug of war between your friends and your lovers will be occurring now, so please do prepare yourself.

You know how you are about change — especially when it wasn’t negotiated by you and you alone.

This doesn’t mean you won’t be game, once you’ve heard all the details, but keeping that balance will require a lot more than just smiling and waving to the fans. Ready or not…



gemini-1.jpgYou’ve done your very best to maintain the delicate balance between home and career matters, but as of this moment in time, you should expect either — or both — of these departments to present you with a bit of a jolt.

This could mean anything from a sudden promotion at work to your partner’s insistence upon beginning the search, right now, for a new, bigger nest.

A power nap wouldn’t be a bad idea.



cancer-1.jpgYou’re tired of dealing with that domestic argument between family members you’ve had nothing but disdain since it started, and probably pertains to something you can’t believe they’d argue about in the first place.

It’s still going, however, and there’s one more startling surprise en route, right now.

No, you’re not ready to get completely involved — in fact, you’d rather ride off into the sunset, but that sense of familial responsibility just won’t let you do it.

You’re allowed several heavy sighs.



leo-1.jpgAfter all the ‘interesting’ things your day will undeniably hold, it will be extremely easy to understand how you could easily lose it — your temper, that is.

But if you’re determined to stay calm, here’s your first clue:

Expect just about anything to happen at just about any moment, and for the last person on the face of the planet to be involved.

If money matters don’t go along as you expected, by the way, that, too, could be troubling — but in the long run, honestly, a lot easier to work out.



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