Today’s Daily Horoscopes, Wed, August 15 2018 for each Sign



virgo-1.jpgYou’ve always been a no-nonsense kind of person, most especially when it comes to your work.

Your coworkers will be more than willing to attest to that fact, but if a higher-up fails to follow the rules or drops the ball in any way now, no one will need to say a word.

You’ll be more than willing to let them have it, no matter where you are or who happens to be in the vicinity.

Just be careful. Paychecks come in handy.



libra-1.jpgYou’re restless, and quite eager to jump right out of your rut — for the moment, at least.

You’ll have absolutely no problem finding someone to go with you, and with your encouragement, they’ll have no problem talking their way into a few days (or a lot of days) off.

Don’t hesitate to ask them along for the ride. You know how you are.

You hate to do anything alone, and when you’re off for an adventure, that goes double.



scorpio-2.jpgThis is one of those days that can’t deliberately be arranged and won’t easily be forgotten.

Your job is to spend each and every minute with someone who’ll appreciate just how special it is.

Of course, you being who you are and having the personal depth that you have, that won’t be a problem.

You may have a tough time deciding which deserving soul to give this time to, but if that’s your worst problem, you’ll pardon us all for not being all that sympathetic.



sagittarius-1.jpgThe concept of having fans is nothing new to fire signs like yourself.

In addition to the well-known hypnotic effect that fire has on us all, the energy and enthusiasm you guys put out can’t help but attract a following.

At the moment, however, you’d better wield this weapon carefully, because your already lethal charm will be even more irresistible.

It won’t just be tough to say no to you, it will be downright impossible — for mere mortals, anyway.



capricorn-1.jpgOnce again, you’ll be asked to take charge of a situation that’s been left unmanaged.

Fortunately, you just love that sort of thing, and with recent successes under your belt, you’ll be even more confident.

The best part is that you’re also going to be in the mood to undertake a task like this.

The kind thing to do, however, would be to remind everyone who wants some of your recreational time that you won’t have any, since duty calls.

They’ll understand. They know how you get.



aquarius-1.jpgYou’ve got a lot going on at home now, but someone you love seems to be intent on getting you to take a little trip — and it’s not going to be down Memory Lane, either.

They want you on their arm in an exotic location, and they’ll present their case with remarkable persuasion.

Of course, it’s all up to you.

If you can do it now, you’ll probably want to, but if family responsibilities won’t allow it, you can always reschedule.



pisces-1.jpgYou’ve gone way past just thinking there might be something between you. You’re sure of it, and you know they feel the same.

So what’s the next step?

Well, it might be to talk to them about it — to let them know what you’re feeling and give them a chance to tell you what’s on their mind, too.

An invitation to dinner would be a good place to start. If all goes well, order one dessert and two forks.


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