Use Astrology to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone


Your Comfort Zone Holds You Back

Your comfort zone is the place you feel most at home. It’s an invisible circle that surrounds you, and it could be holding you back! That’s right, if you don’t step out of your comfort zone from time to time, you won’t grow.

Coincidentally, this is an outstanding time for each sun sign to break out and work towards their greatest dreams. So speak your truth, dig deep into your psyche, and don’t be afraid to examine what you’ve wanted to hide.


This is also a month of intense sexual tension that can be exciting, revealing, and frightening at moments until you get beyond your fears.

Just recognize your own desires, and how you express them. Accept them and you’ll develop a deeper understanding of partners and others.

That alone could open you up to new joy, friendships, and support. Want to take the first step? Astrology can help! Discover how your sun sign helps you step outside your comfort zone!



Don’t ignore your recent urges to heal and educate others; this is part of your new life. You’ve always been heroic when protecting others and you have no issues when it comes to sharing your strong beliefs.

Your empathy will certainly make you even more powerful in your life. As hard as it is for you to slow down, listen and relate to others carefully.



Big changes are coming to your life with the entrance of Uranus into your sign. Its influence is all about electrifying ideas and surprises that move you into the future.

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As a Taurus, you are the sign of comfort, loyalty, and stability. At the same time, you have the willpower and focus to make new possibilities attainable in your life if you can step outside your comfort zone.



Your gut instincts can bring financial and personal success. This is certainly your month of charismatic power as you move from your comfort zone and into a more inclusive reality.

Sharing your revelations shows bravery and increases your popularity. This also allows others to learn about self-love, and in turn, they love you all the more.



Financial benefits can arise early in June. Use them to bravely pursue the loving ideas that you weren’t comfortable approaching before.

Your heart is in the right place and any possible relationship/partnership changes will be good for you. You will certainly enjoy greater passion and loyalty in your life as you move beyond old limitations.



You will enjoy many outstanding changes in your life as you move past charismatic gifts and find other gifts within yourself.

Your kindness and benevolence make up the foundation of that charisma, but you need to move past them in order to enjoy even greater success. Fearlessly promote the things you love while listening to others too.



You are about to experience amazing spiritual changes. They will evolve from self-education through studies and travel that stretch you beyond your comfort zone.

However, if you can’t travel far, try nearby areas—even the people and restaurants of different cultures can help you change for the better.



For you, leaving your comfort zone means overcoming your reluctance to express your needs, desires, and occasional anger.

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You’ll be amazed at how others (particularly lovers) respond positively when they clearly understand what you want for yourself and for them. Just imagine how freeing this will be.



Your passionate side is powerful and you’ll feel more open about expressing it. If you step beyond your comfort zone, you’ll find this passion (both in relationships and creativity) allows you to find a deeper love and it will help you make even better use of your talents.



Your nature leads you to want to constantly discover new ideas, people, and places, so it would seem that you constantly reach beyond your comfort zone.

But you also have a desperate need to feel free. Therefore, finding the true freedom of love within your relationships is your new horizon.



This period of time is perfect to move outside your comfort zone. You know that life isn’t about moving in a straight line—it’s more cyclical.

This knowledge certainly offers amazing opportunities for you if you factor the cycles of change into your plans. The strategy must include love and family too.



You have one of the most misunderstood signs in the sense that you are seen as the deliverer of uncomfortable change, yet you’re considered fixed and steadfast in your commitments and views.

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Moving beyond your comfort zone has to do with expressing that you’re deserving of love and support—first from yourself and then from others. This brings amazing joy.



Your comfort zone is in beauty, love, and spirituality. There is obviously nothing wrong with these values.

However, to move beyond this comfort zone you must carry this message beyond the arena of great ideas to the arena of action. Build your vision and keep insisting on its efficacy until you have the vital support of others.


Source:  californiapsychics


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