Venus Has Officially Entered Aries and It’s Going to Take Your Love Life on a Wild Ride

Venus-Has-Officially-Entered-Aries-and-It’s-Going-to-Take-Your-Love-Life-on-a-Wild-Ride.jpgVenus is the planet of love. It runs our romantic inclinations and helps us get those butterflies we feel in our stomach.

It’s just entered Aries’ house, and that planetary shift tends to make things a little tricky. It’s definitely manageable, but you need to be prepared for anything because the fiery sign of Aries can make things a little wild. Hold on tight and get ready for this passionate ride.

Love. The planet of love, Venus, is in charge of the romance in our lives. It dictates not only how we express love and affection toward others, but how we receive it as well. It’s an important planet because of how it affects our relationships.

Wild Card. Venus has officially moved into Aries and that makes things a little tricky. This astrological placement is known for being a wild card. And it’s ready to take your love life on a ride that it hasn’t experienced.

Unpredictable. The planet just moved from Pisces, which is known for being more calm and sensitive. Aries is anything but. The fire sign is loud, driven, and incredibly passionate. It’s unpredictable and refuses to sit still for anyone.

Fiery. Aries hates being bored and is always on the move, and is ruled by Mars. This planet, named after the god of war, is daring and contains both constructive and destructive energies. It can build things up, but it can also tear them down.

Passion. Mars is an assertive planet and Venus is more sensitive. Just remember to prepare yourself accordingly. The combination of these planets is going to create one strong concoction of passion.

Heart’s Desires. Your heart’s desires will be far more intense than you’re used to for the next little while. Mars influence is going to make you a bit hot-headed and completely unstoppable as you try to reach those desires.

Motivation. The planets are going to provide you with some good motivation, just remember to proceed with caution.

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The over-the-top displays of affection can be impressive to whoever you’re trying to woo, but they can also come across as possessive if you’re not careful. Just don’t forget to have fun!

Impress. This planetary shift is going to inspire you to do something big to impress the person you’re trying to woo. Plan something extraordinary and something they’ll never forget. You want to show this person how important they are to you.

Making Memories. This is the time where you will make the memories you’ll want to remember forever. The kind you tell your grandkids about. There’s nothing wrong with making a fool of yourself sometimes. Laughing at yourself is a very charismatic trait.

Be Up Front. Venus in Aries is going to inspire you to be upfront with people. Aries is a very direct sign and doesn’t like to deal with BS. Be brave and confident, tell your crush how you really feel. No riddles, no hints, no head games.

Seize the Moment. There’s no reason to wait to message someone at the “right moment.” NOW is the right moment! Seize the day. Venus wants you to be upfront with your emotions. Stop focusing on your fear of rejection, it’ll make you feel so much better.

Mean What You Say. Make sure you mean what you say though. You’d hate to wake up the next day and realize that you’re stringing someone along just because you were struck with confidence. Just be thoughtful while also chasing your passions.

Shut Off. As mentioned before this planet shift is all about passion, but that intensity can shut off just as easily as it turned on. The thrill of the chase is exhilarating but just be aware that once the chase is over, your interest might be gone as well.

Proceed With Caution. If you’re not in a relationship you should make sure to proceed with caution while in pursuit of love. The lust you’re going to experience may be fleeting and you need to be prepared for that. Sometimes the thrill you felt for the person was just part of the pursuit.

Wait For It. If you’re worried about this there are still ways for you take advantage of Venus’ influence. Explore your options. Learn what you’re into and what you’re not. Live in the moment. There’s no reason to get locked into a serious relationship right now. If it lasts, Venus’ movement into Taurus will be the perfect time for you to secure a foundation and build on it.


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