Intuitive Astrology: Venus Opposite Pluto 2019

venus opposite pluto

During the week of July 21st, 2019 Venus will align directly opposite Pluto. This energy will fade by July 27th, 2019 and will be helping us to integrate the deep transformations delivered by the Eclipses.

Whenever we have strong aspects like the July Eclipses, the Universe always sends in some cosmic helpers. In July, one of those cosmic helpers is Mercury Retrograde (I know, hard to believe but true!) and the other is this opposition between Venus and Pluto.

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Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth. It is the planet that brings transformation of the deepest sort. Pluto is all about the shadow self and the inner demons we all have lurking behind the masks we wear.

A lot of the time, Pluto is working in the undercurrents of our lives, helping to expose shadows so we can heal, transform, and reach higher levels of consciousness.

Pluto works slowly and methodically and often its energy lingers for many years before we can fully decipher what it’s trying to show or teach us.

As Pluto aligns opposite Venus, with Venus in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn, we may have to come face to face with a shadow that has been blocking us from being able to express the love that we are.

Life is very much like a mirror and as Venus and Pluto stand directly opposite each other, we are forced to find that courage to look into the mirror and to see the truth.

How are we blocking ourselves from experiencing and radiating love? How are the pains and conflicts in our lives exposing where we need to love ourselves and others more?

We may not like what we see, but we always have the power to change it. We always have the power to take responsibility for whatever is staring back at us and to shift and transform it into something good.

If ware able to look into the mirror and accept whatever is staring back at us, and love whatever is staring back at us, we will find the messages of the Eclipse that little bit easier to handle.

Venus is the planet of love and beauty, but she is also the planet of feminine consciousness, and tapping into this energy is our ticket through the Eclipses.

It seems that love, forgiveness, and acceptance are always the antidote to trauma and to pain, and Venus opposite Pluto is going to be helping us with this.

Whatever confronting things the Eclipses have bought our way, whatever we have had to stare at through the glass of our own reflection, Venus reminds us that our feminine connection is key.

This feminine energy goes beyond gender. All of us, no matter what we identify as, has feminine energy within us.

Tuning into feminine energy requires us to get in the flow instead of trying to “do” or force action. It requires us to listen rather than talk, and trust our heart rather than our rational mind. It requires us to soften and find compassion for ourselves and others, rather than to blame and shame. It requires us to remember that our emotions count and are valid.

As Venus rules over our relationships, this is where we may see the manifestation of this energy the most.

If the Eclipses have stirred trouble in your relationships, this cosmic opposition will help you to find the love and self-acceptance needed to either push through for deeper healing and connection or to say goodbye altogether.

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Venus is not just working our love relationships but also our relationship with our job, finances, family, and even with ourselves. If things haven’t been going so well in these areas, Venus aligning with Pluto will emphasize where balance is needed.

Essentially, the Eclipses will break away anything that has served its time and then Venus opposite Pluto will step in and remind us that the way forward is by tuning into your feminine energy and inviting the keywords that the planet Venus evokes within you into your life.

A channeled message from Venus-

For so long you believed your vulnerability was your weakness and that to show compassion made you unable to make your way through the world successfully. For so long you felt you had to fight for what was yours, and beat out the competition in order to claim your prize. These ways are done. These ways no longer serve or lift the human consciousness to where it needs to go.

We must pave a new way, we must start living life from a new outlook, one that is more heart-centered and heart-focused, and one where compassion is rewarded. The only way for this to begin, is with you. You first must adopt these things in your life, for they will rub off on the world around you. You first must become more heart-centered with yourself, with your approach, and with your interactions.

You must first become more heart-focused when it comes to what you choose to do and how you choose to react to the situations that greet you. I know it is not easy, as there is so much conditioning to work through. But I can tell you, trying to force yourself or others goes against the flow! Be in your rhythm, for that is where you will do the most.

Remember the power of your heart. Compassion is key, but it starts with you. You cannot be kind to others if you are not kind to yourself. When you start adopting some of these heart principles, you will feel more open, your intuition will shine through, and you will see that there is another way not just to live, but to be.

This was originally published by Forever Conscious.


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