Virgo New Moon Ritual For Manifesting Your Dreams – September 2018


The September 9th New Moon falls in the earthy sign of Virgo and brings a wonderful opportunity to turn dreams into realities.

What do you really desire for yourself? What has been calling your heart?

Now is the time to delve into these questions and to allow your imagination to take over.

When we visualize, when we picture what we want, we are more likely to achieve it. When we allow our imagination to run wild, we can also tap into the true desire of our heart.

If you could imagine anything, be anything, and allow your mind to wander wherever– where would you go? The path of your imagination holds a key, and this is what the Virgo New Moon is going to help us unlock.

By tapping into our imagination and daydreaming, we can find the true desire of our heart and then take steps and make plans in order to turn it into a reality.


Here is a ritual to guide you:

Virgo New Moon Ritual September 2018: This ritual is best done from September 5th-20th, 2018


You will need:

Smudging tool of choice
Comfy place to lie down with blankets/pillow
Relaxing music 
Your favorite crystal
Pen and paper

1.) Start by smudging your aura and surroundings. I really like incense for this ritual, but you can use whatever smudging tool you prefer.  As you smudge your aura and space, recite the following mantra-

“I cleanse this space/my energy with loving light energy. I remove all that no longer serves me. I feel the heaviness melting away. I feel light and free. I am safe. I am protected.”

2.) Take your smudging tool and leave it burning in a safe place near you. This is so it can continue to provide protection while you do this ritual. You can also light a candle if you prefer.

3.) Set up your music and then lay down on the floor in a comfy position. Keep yourself warm with blankets and use a pillow under your knees if you wish. Set your timer for 20-30 minutes. Have your pen and paper nearby for later.

4.) Place your crystal on top of your belly and then gently place your hands over the top. You can also place the crystal on your third eye or heart chakra if you wish too. Just use your intuition to guide you.

5.) Lay down and take 10 deep breaths to relax. Breathe deep into your belly. Then ask yourself- “What is my dream life? If I could have anything, be anything or go anywhere, what would I do?”

Close your eyes and begin fantasizing about your dream life. See and feel everything that you desire. Allow your imagination to take over, and really give yourself permission to go wherever you are lead.

Allow yourself to really daydream about the dream version of your life with no limits and no rules. It can be total fantasy or close to your real life, it doesn’t really matter. See yourself how you want to be, see your life how you want it to be.

6.) Once the timer goes off, pick up your pen and paper and begin writing down what you felt and experienced. What stood out to you? What emotions did your dream life conjure up for you? Write down whatever you think may be important.

7.) Now, think about what elements of your dream life can you bring into your present reality. How can you begin to create your dream life right now? Feel free to write whatever comes to mind, or if you need some extra guidance, perhaps make a list of 10 things you can do to begin to create your dream life right now. They don’t have to be big, even the smallest actions can count!

8.) Keep your piece of paper with your list of actions somewhere you can see it clearly. Remind yourself daily to take the steps you need to fulfill more of your heart’s desire.

Remember to snuff out your candle or smudging tool if necessary.

Happy New Moon!


Source: mysticalraven


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