Weekend Horoscope: The Gemini Season Of Change Is Upon Us

Weekend-Horoscope-The-Gemini-Season-Of-Change-Is-Upon-U.jpgThe season of the Gemini is upon us: the season of communication and transformation. If you suddenly feel like your friends are coming out of hibernation and asking to hang out in droves, you can thank the Twins!

Ruled by the planet Mercury, the planet of all things fast-paced, care-free and lively in life, you’ll probably notice a surge in mojo to get up and get going.

Here’s how the Gemini season is lined up to affect all of the signs this weekend!



Problems at home or with your family are the perfect excuse to spend time out of the house. It isn’t a serious matter, although it’s one that you can’t solve this weekend so don’t bother trying.

Spending time with a highly motivated friend will inspire you to move forward with a big plan.

You’ve been thinking a lot about your finances and how to score a more prestigious role at work, so it might be time to take the next step. Believe in yourself, Aries. Something good is coming your way.



Closing an important career or money deal on Friday could get your weekend off to a really great start. You’ll be ready to celebrate your victory, so make special plans with your significant other or your squad.

According to your weekend horoscope, travel could be a lot harder than it should be, so keep your festivities close to home.

There’s such an amazing vibe of warmth and generosity between you and the important people in your life that no matter what you do, it’s bound to be a beautiful weekend.



It’s easy to stand up for yourself because you have confidence in who you are. Hence, you’re likely to win any battles that you have to fight this weekend.

The only potential problems are around money. Keeping your spending in check and avoiding lending or borrowing will help you steer clear of difficulties. 

What’s your dream career scenario? You could move one step closer to making it a reality. If you don’t believe it’s possible to achieve it, then it isn’t but the universe is ready to support you if you have faith and back it up with action.



Even though you’re emotionally stronger than you’ve been in some time, you might not be up for any relationship shenanigans.

You want to feel like you’re desired and if you don’t get the attention you crave, it could be a disaster. Press pause on romance for now and focus on more interesting things.

According to your weekend horoscope, it’s a great time to get creative, to take a weekend workshop, or to travel. Your experience could present you with new possibilities about what you can do and how you can live.



You won’t want to go it alone this weekend because if you do you’re likely to brood about a romantic matter. Your hands are tied at the moment, so leave well enough alone.

You have so many other options for happiness and fun! If you want to go out and do something adventurous, spend time with friends.

Hang with family if more laid-back comforts appeal to you. You could be inspired to make a major change in your living situation. It’s also a great time to talk to an important person who can help you with your career.



You’ll feel pretty good after you put an important work assignment to rest. The boost to your confidence will reassure you that you can do big things.

This may inspire you to take a deep dive into research or to learn something that can enhance your skill set. Your ability to put a creative spin on what you know sets you apart from the crowd.

Your knowledge-enhancement game plan is perfect for this weekend. You may not be in the mood to socialize, so instead, squirrel away with a book or your laptop instead.



You could be lucky at both love, games, and other competitions on Friday if you’re daring enough to make a bold move. Confidence and timing are everything!

A little fun will be just the thing to distract you from work and family demands. You can’t always be the perfect employee, partner, parent, and child all at the same time, so don’t even try.

Just trust your resourcefulness and bring your best to whatever you do. According to your weekend horoscope, sticking to your principles on the job could position you for a raise or other perks.



You’re fired up about a home or family matter, so go ahead and make the improvements you want to make while your motivation is high and you have the energy to get the job done.

This isn’t the time to seek input from others because you’re not likely to see eye-to-eye. Trust your own instincts and go with what feels right.

A dream date is totally possible, so have faith and make the call. Sometimes things go exactly as you envision them.



Clearing the air on an important matter with your significant other or an important professional contact allows you to breathe a sigh of relief.

Even though you have faith that things will work out, it helps to receive verbal confirmation. Your faith in most matters is pretty strong now. It’s as if you have your own special angel who is bringing blessings your way.

However, this weekend your angel could fall short on the financial front. It’s only a temporary snafu, but you should avoid dealing with important money matters now.



Before you close up shop for the weekend, try to bring an important work or money matter to completion. A home run is practically guaranteed once you take a swing at it.

However, in the love department, you could totally strike out, especially if you’re asking too much from your date or mate, or not making an effort to be more available.

Don’t do things halfway, Capricorn. Table romance for now and focus on things that you can give your full attention to. It’s a great time to connect with friends. They’ll be more sympathetic than your significant other.



When it comes to romance and other fun pursuits, go for what you want. You have the confidence of a winner, so chances are good that reality will follow suit.

However, you might not be so certain about your work situation. Something that promised to be great might seem like a letdown. This is a temporary thing that will right itself before long.

You’re on a trajectory for career advancement, so just keep the faith and hang in there until things move in a more favorable direction.



Even if you can’t act on a big dream just yet, it’s important that you take a symbolic step so the universe knows you mean business.

Do your homework and get prepared so you can move forward when you get the green light. Unfortunately, you might get the red light with romance so just slow down and read the signals.

It’s only a temporary impasse, so don’t do anything rash. Head off on a weekend adventure or sign up for a workshop. A change of scenery, either mental or physical, will do you a world of good.


Source: mysticalraven


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