Weekly Tarotscope: Expect Surprises, Shocks and Potential Delight

Weekly-Tarotscope-Expect-Surprises-Shocks-and-Potential-Delight.jpgWith the Sun in Virgo, we are all going to be faced with finding the balance between logic and emotion. Which might be a bit difficult with Mars-shaking things up in our romantic lives.

Mars and Uranus have had a strained relationship throughout 2018. This week, as their relationship reaches its final peak, the red planet will stir up so much passion that even the Stoics among us will be challenged. 

Finally, Saturn and Neptune make their last ‘dance’ too, highlighting the potential for spectacular ideas to grow from the creative ideas that were put into place over the past few weeks.

This is a week filled with surprises, shocks and potential delight. Let’s see what your zodiac sign can expect:


Aries – Four of Wands

Well, this week looks to be mighty amazing for you gorgeous Aries, there is likely to be cause for a celebration for you. The Four of Wands to give you a big cheer and saying well done for all of your hard work recently.

It’s likely that all of your efforts are being recognized by others and this is probably bringing you feelings of joy and contentment.

You’re likely to be feeling more secure this week and perhaps recognizing your talents and skills in a new way. You may have been working incredibly hard and feeling that now it’s time to celebrate and relax for a while.

Maybe you’re planning a holiday or your next venture. Whichever one it is, you’re likely to be feeling that you have everything you need such as a supportive circle, outer and inner resources to help you reach your goals.

Perhaps planning a well-deserved break could help you to celebrate your success, even just having a cozy dinner and raising a glass could help you acknowledge your achievements.

This week you can feel that you can let go of any stresses and strains that you’re carrying, knowing you’ve worked hard enough to relax during this time.

You’re likely to be feeling that there is further to travel and more to achieve, but this week you can celebrate how far you’ve come and able to look out from your plateau with pride and accomplishment.

Embrace this week’s energy of recuperation and rest, it will help you gather more incentive to travel further on your adventure to greatness.


Taurus – The Wheel of Fortune

You’re likely to be feeling that the universe has your back beautiful Taurus. You may be feeling like you can have faith in the universe and trust that there’s a hidden benevolent force guiding your life.

You’re likely to experience the wheel of change this week, life is probably beginning to look and feel very different. What’s transforming and changing for you?

You’re completing one cycle and beginning another, you are likely embracing this season of change. You are the architect of your fate and the universe is helping you on a subconscious level to manifest your wishes. Remember that what you focus on with your imagination and emotions, quickly manifests.

The Wheel of Fortune heralds a fresh start and is telling you that it’s time to embrace change, you’re likely to be embarking on a new chapter this week and it is up to you determine what you want to happen and create.

Getting more in touch with your capacity to make great choices is the gift of this card, remember that if you stay where you are there’s a chance you could stagnate and cease to grow.

You’re able to gather positive momentum this week, embrace change and let go of the past, relax, you can move forward with grace and certainty. You may be drawn to some esoteric knowledge this week, finding more out about the meaning of life and spirituality, change is here, go with it, it’s beneficial for your growth.


Gemini – Six of Wands

Positive momentum is here gorgeous Gemini, the Six of Wands comes to you after a frustrating period of delay, setbacks and struggle, hopefully, you can now move forward with action and some of you may be traveling this week.

You’re likely to have unlocked some positive energy and release some tension this week, you’ve probably been overcoming obstacles in your path recently and you’re likely to be feeling a lot more confident.

This card signifies a release of creative energy after a period of difficulty, you may have met that pesky challenge of self-doubt and competition, it’s likely that this week you’ll be able to rise out of this rough patch with a renewed energy.

Sometimes we need some argy-bargy and conflict in life to create better and more authentic forms, remember that difficulties are present to teach us lessons on the way.

This week there is a clear stretch of fruitful and creative activity for you; your imagination and spirit can flow unrestrained, knowing deep down that you can resolve and overcome anxieties and tensions. You may be ready to hurtle yourself towards your goals and ambitions, you’re likely to be broadening your vistas.

Take advantage of this time and enjoy this period of flow. Your future is something to look forward to when you’re overflowing with a positive expectation of what lies ahead.


Cancer – Seven of Pentacles

Intense focus and hard work this week gorgeous Cancer, you’re working incredibly hard and you’ll be determined to succeed and perhaps enjoy giving something your full attention.

Work or a goal is likely on your mind and with sheer determination and passion promised with the Seven of Pentacles, you’re able to channel all of your energies into it.

You can put your talents to good use when this card comes up, you can develop your skills and be incredibly focused. There is a lovely spirit of enthusiasm and dedication oozing out of you, you can take full advantage of this energy by realizing that you have not exhausted all of your potentials yet, believe that you can continue to grow and make things manifest and you will!

You can experience a great deal of material and emotional satisfaction this week by recognizing and acknowledging that you have a multitude of talents or a specialized skill. This is a wonderful time to develop a hobby into a career, study or train in something, or dedicate yourself to your craft or to your job.

Your job or goal may not be inspiring you at the moment but you do it to the best of your ability and devote yourself it, you will likely improve your quality of work, therefore giving yourself better opportunities in the future.

Whatever you’re focusing on this week, you’ve got finesse and energy to get things done wonderfully. You’ve got staying power to persevere this week, the universe is giving you a push to get things done, go for it!


Leo – Page of Wands

Excitement and a multitude of possibility beautiful Leo, your life is opening up with fresh creative capabilities, are you ready to expand? You may be burning with a desire to grow more and express yourself in new ways, perhaps you’ve recently discovered that you have untapped potential or maybe you are ready to make a fresh start in some way.

You’ll likely want to learn more about yourself and others this week, grabbing any new opportunities that come your way, you could be buzzing or stimulated by an idea of a challenge if so you’re ready to grab it with both hands.

You could have a new flamboyance about you and a new confidence that’s beginning grow and show itself, are you feeling more confident? Do you realize that you have lots of potentials and there are many possibilities available to you?

Have faith in yourself to see any projects through to their end, this will require dedication and commitment, by having faith in your vision and in your capabilities, you’ll be able to complete whatever you want to do with determination and excitement.

There could be an enthusiastic spirit emerging from your personality and you may be incredibly keen to express yourself, you could be feeling restless at work or dissatisfied with your path.

Remember that any restlessness and dissatisfaction you’re feeling is coming from a place of renewal, the Page of Wands is telling you that change is on the horizon, your new ideas and visions about new possibilities are giving you a glimpse of how you can expand your life in a significant way.

It’s important to take your visions for the future seriously and nurture them this week as they are harbingers and a great source of inspiration for you, showing you how you can improve your life. Keep those visions alive and believe you can make them a reality.


Virgo – The Fool

Yeay!! We are in Virgo season and you’re beginning something fantastic, what are you starting gorgeous Virgo? Are you ready to take a leap of faith? You’re starting a new chapter in your outlook and attitude to your life.

The Fool is beckoning you towards a new adventure, so what are you beginning? What’s new with you Virgo? There’s likely to be excitable and adventurous feelings like the energy of an excitable happy puppy.

Enjoy this week and embrace this beginning, it looks to be fruitful and busy for you! You may be beginning a new project or even a new relationship, whatever is beginning for you when you get The Fool, a fresh start is promised. You may have some urges this week to be daring and maybe act like your life is a big adventure with lots of treasure to find!

You’re likely to be feeling quite jolly and buoyant this week, full of excitement and positive anticipation about what’s ahead for you. This is a fantastic time for your love life whether you’re in a relationship or not, lots of fun seems to be on the horizon.

Try to ground yourself and be present at the moment as much as you can to make the most of any opportunities that come your way, as always, positive thinking is important, but it should be quite easy for you to look on the bright side.

You may want to try out different things this week and you’ll likely find it fun to explore and play. You could have a yearning to gain some deeper knowledge about your spirituality, pay attention to what you’re drawn to this week and listen to your intuition as it’s guiding towards a broader vista.

Your life is expanding, something fabulous is beginning, embrace this exciting time, you could be rewarded for some bold moves this week, enjoy!


Libra – Three of Cups

Abundance in your emotional realm, love, joy, and gratitude are yours this week beautiful Libra. There’s likely something great to celebrate and enjoy this week, your heart is likely to be overflowing with positive emotions, you will feel the gratitude for how you’re feeling and for what you’re experiencing. Remember that you’ve been through a great deal to reach this point so be sure to look around and keep on counting those blessings.

The happiness rule is easy, it starts with gratitude, count the blessings and you’ll have more to count! It’s wonderful if you’re in the mood for sharing the love you feel and if you are, that’s going to attract more loving experiences to you.

Rejoice, celebrate and soak up all the delicious happiness that surrounds you this week, family and friends seem to be a great source of fulfilment for you, you could be ready to make a commitment to the future or to someone special, this may bring you great fulfillment and joy in solidifying your feelings and intentions.

You could be feeling that you are beginning to heal: emotionally, spiritually and physically from something. There’s probably something within you that wants to have faith in the future and believe that everything will turn out for the best, and what a beautiful feeling that is, to trust and know that you deserve happiness, love, and joy.

You may be now ready to express yourself and grow in new ways, follow all the good vibes this week, trust your heart it’s guiding to future happiness. The simplest meditation is smiling, it’s infectious, it seems you’ll be doing plenty of that this week, by expressing your gratitude and thankfulness for all you have.


Scorpio – The Star

You are likely to be feeling hopeful that you can have faith in a better future this week gorgeous Scorpio. Be mindful that when you keep faith in your heart, things will improve even when life is challenging, this will help you to open new doors to your amazing potential and help you to realize your dreams.

Your dearest wishes can come true this week if you can believe in faith, remain determined that things will work out for the better and they will. There’s likely to be a beautiful positive outlook in your heart and your life may be feeling like it’s coming together wonderfully for you.

You can be optimistic about your expectations and trust in life’s bounty, there may have a been some beautiful news recently that’s making everything brighter and lovelier, yeay!

Remember though that you must continue to help the universe help you by continuing to open new doors and developing your amazing potential. You could be feeling that you have a renewed sense of purpose and your belief in yourself could be increased, you may be asked to do something that requires a leap of faith.

Whatever you are hoping and wishing for, keep the faith and stay positive. Your life is opening up, keep a wishful heart so the universe can support you and your dreams.


Sagittarius – Nine of Swords

There’s likely to be some relief this week beautiful Sagittarius, perhaps some fears and anxiety that you’ve been having will subside. Try to look closely at what you are worried about to see if it’s really worth the energy you’re putting in.

Remember that sometimes what we are worried about can manifest if we spend too much time focusing on our worries and fears, so try to focus on other things if you can. There could be something bugging you and you may find it hard to focus on the realities of a particular situation.

Try not to blame other people or situations for how you are feeling, remember that you have choices to feel how you want, and not worrying is definitely one choice you have.

Pay attention to your breath, if you find yourself short of breath this can be a sign of anxiety so try some mindful breathing, this can help you to feel calm, safe and secure and done often it can wash away anxieties and concerns, mindful breathing anchors you in the present moment where all the peace and comfort are.

Sometimes anxieties and fears are present to help us change our lives, so this week it could be wise to look at what you can change to alter how you’re feeling. Is there something you’d like to take a break from? 

Perhaps there’s a stressful situation that you need some time out from, whatever it is, remember that you can change your circumstances and life.

Sometimes a little you time can have amazing effects in altering your outlook and feelings, try to take comfort and happiness in the simple day to day things this week, simple pleasures is where the beauty and peace are, seek simple comforts and be in the present moment as much as you can.


Capricorn – Eight of Swords

You may be feeling like you’re holding yourself back in some way this week gorgeous Capricorn, you may be afraid of moving into the future, or you may be feeling a little fearful of getting hurt by a new situation. Try to think about what it is that you’re afraid of, often the truth of the situation is much less frightening than your mind is making it out to be.

Try not to fear the unknown and try to trust that there are many blessings on their way to you, worrying doesn’t get you anywhere it’ll just leave you feeling worse, new situations and new people can be nerve-racking but trusting that things will work out helps to create the outcomes that you’re hoping for.

If you’re currently in a relationship you may want to re-evaluate your relationship and look for new things to do together, perhaps expand your circle and increase your experiences to feel different and happier. If you’re looking for love, you may need to look at how well you’re loving yourself.

Remember that someone else can only love you as much as you love and value yourself. If you need guidance this week, ask spirit/the universe for signs and signals, you have all the answers that you need inside you, perhaps seeking guidance with a psychic reading could be beneficial for you.


Aquarius – Ten of Wands

Rest, recuperation, recharge and delegate if you can beautiful Aquarius. Take some much-needed time out to rest when you can this week, remember that even busy bees have to rest. This week you may find that delegating where you can and asking for or accepting help will be helpful for you.

Have you taken on a bit too much recently? Have you been feeling the effects of trying to juggle too much? It’s great to aspirations but remembers that we have to take little steps to get there, to try and achieve everything at once, could result in exhaustion or even worse you could burn out from overwhelm.

Take some time to stop and assess your situation objectively, by having some time to relax you’ll be able to recuperate and also by taking a step back you’ll see things from a different angle.

There may be some feelings of being overburdened or overwhelmed but if you can lighten the load and let go of some plans for a while, you’ll be able to feel more buoyant and optimistic again, share your load and see how much others would like to help you. Share what responsibilities that you can, accept what help if offered, rest and a good laugh are the best remedies.


Pisces – King of Pentacles

What you do in the world, the money you earn, and your social status is likely to be on your mind beautiful Pisces. You’re likely to be doing all you can to make cash and improve abundance, you’re a money and abundance magnet this week.

By taking a practical approach to your finances and wealth you’ll be able to attain your goals, as long as you plan and organise yourself. You may receive help from an ambitious person that are themselves successful, they could give you advice on how to better yourself.

You’re ready to expand Pisces, you’re likely to feel that you’re growing materially this week, you may want there to be plenty to go around, there’s likely to be more money available to you.

You can earn money and become wealthier this week, but be mindful of balance, make sure you do plenty of things that bring you happiness, such as spending time with friends and family.

You are getting in touch with your material power when the King of Pentacles comes into your life, the gift of the ‘Midas touch’ is yours this week, the energy of being able to manifest creative ideas into the world and draw more abundance to you.

Don’t focus entirely on the money though as you could undermine other important areas of your life. Remember that true abundance is family, love, friendship and human connection.


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