Weekly Tarotscope: Mercury And Venus Bring More Harmony, Less Stress

Weekly-Tarotscope-Mercury-And-Venus-Bring-More-Harmony-Less-Stress.jpgReady to see what your Zodiac Sign can expect from the week ahead? Mercury and Venus are carrying in some good vibes- finally!

Mercury sextile Venus this week brings a fun-loving and friendly influence, making this a great time to relax and unwind. Socializing should be more enjoyable now because of less stress and more harmony in your relationships.

Plus, we have Saturn going directly on Thursday the 6th. In this direct phase, you put into practice what you have learned in the last five months.

The outlook is much brighter and suggests that the Saturn retrograde lessons have been well learned. There are only positive aspects to Saturn stationary direct and the fixed star involved is also more positive than before.


Here is your weekly tarotscope for each zodiac sign:


Aries – King of Swords

Boom, organization, discipline, and authority are themes for you this week gorgeous Aries.

What projects are you working on at the moment?

Anything that requires you to be focused and to channel self-discipline will come easily to you this week, to put it simply you are a boss babe working her magic, go you!

You may find yourself stepping into a leadership role or amping up your power in some way.

The King of Swords is the master of reason and logic, your mind will be crystal clear this week and any decisions you may have to make will be easy to make, as foresight and power are yours for the taking.


Taurus – Three of Pentacles

Hard work really does pay off and this week you are likely to see the results of your tireless efforts sweet Taurus.

The Three of Pentacles marks pinnacle point in our experience where we can be pleased with our efforts and perhaps celebrate our achievements in some way.

You might see an increase in your finances this week or perhaps your resources will get a boost, either way, you are likely to be feeling good about what you do for a living or what you do creatively.

What projects are you working on at the moment?

Is it a plan to redecorate the living room for instance or is it a grand plan to increase your income?

Whichever one it is, focusing on the resources and skills you have to hand will stand you in good stead to receive more abundance in some way.

Count your blessings this week to receive more.


Gemini – The Fool

Gorgeous new beginning Is promised beautiful Gemini as you stand on a cusp of a new adventure.

The Fool is the beginning of the tarot journey and you are embodying the energy of this magical card this week! What is feeling fresh for you?

The Fool is asking you to be brave and bold this week, you could be feeling excited and thrilled by something brand new and accompanying those feelings could be feelings of nervousness and some trepidation, fear not gorgeous Gemini!

The Fool is guiding to you to brighter and broader vistas, follow what feels exciting this week, life can feel like a treasure hunt for you if you can keep your intuition as your travel guide!


Cancer – The Hierophant

Sacred wisdom and spiritual insight is yours this week beautiful Cancer, and you are being guided to think about your calling and vocation this week.

You are likely to have many experiences that feel uncanny as if an unseen powerful force is guiding you in some way.

We tend to get The Hierophant card when we are searching for answers within ourselves trust the signs and symbols that come up for you as they will lead to the answers you are seeking.

You may find that your work is infused with magic, and you may feel that you are doing what you came to this world to do.

Don’t be surprised if others in your life seek counsel from you this week, as you are channeling the magic that The Hierophant symbolizes.


Leo – Five of Swords

Patience and inner fortitude are likely to be a theme for you this week beautiful Leo. As the Five of Swords speaks of having to accept certain limitations and setbacks.

Although this card may seem negative, in fact, it is positive as you are being forewarned about a period of waiting for more favorable circumstances to proceed with something.

As this is a Swords card this portrays a mental state or a perception that you have currently.

You may feel that you want to go ahead full throttle with something, and you could be faced with some limitations or delays, and therefore forced to engender patience in waiting for a more favorable opportune moment.

This isn’t a time to force certain situations, instead gather your thoughts, work on your self-love and trust that a more favorable outcome will be yours soon.


Virgo – King of Wands

Leadership and entrepreneurial spirit could be oozing out of you this week gorgeous Virgo.

As the king of Wands is a powerful energy that’s asking you to trust in your skills and capabilities.

We usually get this card at a time when our ideas and visions could benefit others and the world, go forth and take risks this week by sharing your ideas with a group, or even better the masses.

You may experience some restlessness and eagerness to get out there and do something big and bold this week if you experience this know that it is the King of Wands pushing you forward urging you to be the bright burning star that you are, go Virgo!



Libra – Six of Pentacles

Abundance, generosity and good feelings are likely to be felt this week beautiful Libra.

The Six of Pentacles is a card that marks a period in our experience where we can be the recipient of another’s generosity or perhaps you yourself are the giver of generosity.

This could manifest as you being generous with your time, energy, resources or finances, or another bestowing this upon you.

Either way, this week looks to be one where you can expect to feel good about you and your life, and where the balance of giving and receiving is in harmony.


Scorpio – The World

Harmony, completion and perhaps celebration are likely to be experienced this week gorgeous Scorpio.

The World symbolizes a point in our life where something we have been working incredibly hard towards comes to fruition or completion.

If this is the case, you are likely wanting to celebrate this period of culmination.

The World continually turns and changes, and this symbolizes our perpetual movement through cycles, so as one cycle is complete so does another begin.

What are you completing this week?

What is it that you are beginning?

Make sure to embrace what is ending and beginning to make the most of what the world is offering you.


Sagittarius – Three of Wands

Rejoice and celebrate this week beautiful Sagittarius, as the Three of Wands is urging you to acknowledge your achievements to date.

Although you may feel there is much further that you wish to travel in regards to manifesting your desires and wishes, the three of Wands is asking you to take stock of how amazing you are right now, and how fantastic it is what you have been able to achieve thus far.

Are you the type of person that finds it hard to accept compliments and to celebrate your achievements?

If so, this card will free you up to embrace yourself and will help you to further your ambitions, by helping you to congratulate yourself in new ways.


Capricorn – King of Pentacles

Money, abundance and increasing your status in some way could be at the forefront of your experience this week sweet Capricorn.

The King of Pentacles symbolizes a time in our life where we are hyper-focused on generating more income or increasing our wealth.

You could say that you are a money magnet this week, and perhaps you have the Midas touch.

Be mindful of creating balance this week though, as the lesson of King Midas was that his wishes were granted and everything he touched was turned to gold, but then he was lonely and hungry.

So it’s fabulous that you can attract more wealth this week, but be mindful of spending time with family, friends and loved ones.

As that too is abundant living.



Aquarius – The Hanged Man

Voluntary sacrifice and giving up something to attain something more significant is likely to be a theme for you this week gorgeous Aquarius.

The Hanged Man is asking you to trust and surrender to something more meaningful this week.

What have you been contemplating giving up recently?

Perhaps it is stopping smoking for instance so that you can obtain more significant health and extra cash.

This is just one example of how the hanged man could manifest for you this week, put simply, you are being urged to surrender and sacrifice something to experience or get something far better or more significant.

This week you may find yourself withdrawing from normal activities so that you can reassess and realign with your true desires.


Pisces – Nine of Pentacles

Self-sufficiency and independence are likely to be things you enjoy this week beautiful Pisces.

The Nine of Pentacles is a lovely card for your confidence, as it symbolizes a point in your life when you feel fantastic about what you do and who you are.

You may have been working tirelessly on something recently, and this week you could see substantial rewards for your hard work and effort.

The Nine of Pentacles is reminding you that true authentic confidence arises from within, and does not seek validation or approval from another.

What’s beautiful about this card is that it is reminding you that your confidence cannot be broken, as it has been born through you facing challenges and overcoming obstacles.

Keep being you, keep doing what you do and give yourself an almighty pat on the back. Go Pisces!



Source: mysticalraven


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