Weekly Tarotscope: Taurus Full Moon Brings Tests, Triggers, and Tranquility

It’s going to be a very active week, with a lot of planetary triggering coming our way. Some of us could find ourselves having breakthroughs, while others may have to face our fears.

On Tuesday, the Sun moves into intense Scorpio, bringing us a laser focus and a desire to get to the bottom of things after a more tranquil time of seeking balance in Libra the last few weeks.

The Full Moon in Taurus on Wednesday brings a time of realization – to let things go or to break through. Venus is still in retrograde, testing relationships, even finding old friendships. This could be a time for positive reconnection. Wednesday also brings Venus to be favorable with responsible, accountable Saturn. Relationship matters come to a head but you can be more pragmatic and find a win win situation.



I’ve pulled a card for each of the zodiac signs, and this is your personalized reading for the week:


Aries – Temperance

Beautiful Aries, you’re likely to already be feeling the positive effects of balancing your heart and listening to your sacred hearts wisdom. Temperance is coming to you this week to remind you to keep up the wonderful work you’re doing on taking care of yourself, especially your feelings and emotions.

It’s likely that you’ll be feeling quite sensitive and receptive this week as Temperance is opening your heart and asking you to be open about how you feel.

You could find yourself feeling like you’d like to get some things off your chest and share your feelings with someone special. This card is associated with the goddess Iris the goddess of the rainbow, remember that rainbows are made by rain and sunshine.

Be open to sharing both your positive and negative feelings sweetheart, by opening up this way you’ll remove any stagnant feelings and create harmonious relationships and more importantly you’ll create rainbows and harmony in your heart.




Taurus – The Hierophant

Gorgeous Taurus, this week looks to be quite magical for you. The Hierophant is coming to you to remind you of your purpose and vocation, also he’s coming to you to remind you of your divine connection to spirit. You could find that you’re more in tune with your spirituality this week as this card represents us practically having God’s/the universe/higher self’s phone number!

Carve out some quality time to be receptive and on the receiving end this week, you’re likely to receive guidance thick and fast on some days, that is if you can allow things to come to you and trust that the universe has your back.

You could be drawn to esoteric or sacred knowledge this week that is likely to illuminate your path and reveal your destiny in some way.

Pay attention to any strange coincidences too, if you experience some, know that it is your relationship with divinity showing you that there’s magic afoot. There could be some mind-altering realisations this week too, as you’re getting closer to doing what you came here to do, your soul purpose.




Gemini – The World

Beautiful Gemini, you’re likely to be feeling quite strong and organized this week. The World represents our mental faculties awakening, our reason and intellect being strong. What are you sorting out and organizing this week? Whatever you’ve got on your to-do list, you’re likely to find yourself feeling incredibly capable and committed.

It could be that you’re entirely focused on what’s on your mind this week, this is great when we’ve got things to do and we need our mind to be clear. Although the World is an icy queen sometimes, she can cut emotions deep in others with her clear and sometimes harsh truths.

Others could find you a little aloof and cold this week as you’re seeming to be focused primarily on honesty and your mind in some way. The advice that comes with this card is to be mindful of your need for perfection, remember that perfection is an ideal and as humans we can never be completely perfect, we are all perfectly imperfect.

Try to allow room for humility in yourself and others, by giving space for error we lighten the load of expectation in our self and others.





Cancer – King of Pentacles

Gorgeous Cancer, you can expect some growth and expansion, projects that you’re working on will begin to grow shoots and you’re likely to be showing the whole world your amazing potential. You’ve been plowing away and working hard Cancer, a lot of it internally but it all helps to get you where you want to be! A big well done for all your effort and congratulations on what you have been achieving, you are likely to receive some well-deserved recognition for your skills and abilities this week.

The King of Pentacles shows us that what we are working hard on can bear fruit as long as we can continue to meet the challenges of self-doubt, stiff competition and rise above any obstacles.

It’s likely that you are demonstrating your faith and optimism this week, and this is keeping you buoyant and helping you to focus and commit to your work. You could see your family and friends celebrating your work in some way, you may be acknowledged by someone you hold in high regard.

It’s likely that you’ll be feeling fab about yourself and what you do in the world, remember that the inner feelings of contentment, fulfilment and expansion can make your outer world of experience reflect this. You to be magnetised by your goals and ambitions and reaching for the stars in some way whilst increasing your abundance, remember that self-worth and net-worth go hand in hand.




Leo – Strength

Beautiful Leo, you’re going to reminded how strong and capable you are this week. The symbolism associated with Strength is the Lion, how perfect for you as you’re the Lion of the zodiac and cosmos. There’s likely to be situations this week where you get to metaphorically lick your mane and coat, self-care will be easier and more enjoyable for you.

You could have some realisations that you’re doing better than you originally thought and that your ego is a healthy and balanced one, it’s as if all of your past experiences have given you a magical cloak of invincibility. The myth related to this card is one of battling with a Lion with our bare hands and then wearing the Lions coat to show everyone our strength and grit.

You’ve likely been through some tough times recently and this week you’ll get to feel the benefits of dealing with your emotions in a healthy and productive way.

It’s likely that you’ll get to experience the confidence that comes from being responsible and self-reliant, you’ll be feeling incredibly strong and courageous and outward or superficial things will be less important to you, you’ll be more interested in authenticity and maintaining your inner world of equilibrium.





Virgo – Ten of Cups

Gorgeous Virgo, it’s likely that you’ll have something to celebrate this week, feelings of gratitude could be overflowing. It’s likely that you’ve been through quite a bit to reach this point so remember to keep on counting all the blessings, you’ll have more to count the more you acknowledge the blessings present!

You might be in the mood for sharing love, rejoicing and soaking up the happiness that surrounds you, you could be ready to make a commitment to your future in some way and this is likely to bring you great fulfilment. The Ten of Cups marks a period when we feel like we are beginning to heal: emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Try to have faith in the future and believe that everything will turn out for the best, it’s likely that this week you’ll be able to express yourself and grow in new ways. You could be looking forward to a celebration, where you can rejoice in love and happiness with family and friends.

The Ten of Cups is telling you that things will be feeling pleasant and successful for you this week, if you’re not feeling it yet trust that it’s on its way to you, you could be in for a juicy surprise, happier times are yours dearest Virgo.


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