Weekly Tarotscope: The Most Brutal Retrograde Of The Year Brings Trouble

Weekly Tarotscope The Most Brutal Retrograde Of The Year Brings Trouble

This week we are in the Mercury Retrograde Pre-Shadow, and we hit full Retrograde by Friday. To say this is a “brutal” time would be an understatement.

Basically, the pre-shadow phase is when the errors, tribulations, and miscommunications that tend to happen during Mercury retrograde are just beginning.

But it gets even more interesting than that: What happens to you during the pre-shadow phase will shape the overall experience you’ll have during Mercury retrograde. And these experiences are essential to our growth and help us reach our greatest potential. These hard times can only make us stronger. But for now, it is going to be a difficult time that we have to work through.

Here is your weekly tarotscope to see what you should do to have the smoothest week possible:


Aries Tarotscope (March 21 – April 19)

Your card for the week: 5 of Wands – Groundbreaking changes in how you relate to yourself and also to others are possible this week. 

Chaos, and conflict, and confusion … oh my! The 5 of Wands indicates you’ve been trying to work toward some type of goal but are being met with challenges that get in the way of your progress.

Perhaps you feel as though your point of view is being challenged, or it could be you’re finding it difficult to work with a specific person. Either way, you’re being challenged this week to truly listen to others’ opinions. You might find that what initially seemed like criticism was actually constructive feedback that will help you in the long run.



Taurus Tarotscope (April 20 – May 20)

Your card for the week: 6 of Swords – You’re asking yourself what you want and also what is relevant.

This could be the week you finally release something that has been hanging over you for far too long. The 6 of Swords serves as a reminder that, although it may be difficult, sometimes we have no choice but to move on from a challenging situation.

What have you been holding onto that has prevented you from creating a brighter future for yourself? Now is the time to let this go once and for all. This won’t be an easy task, but ultimately, it is the right thing to do.



Gemini Tarotscope (May 21 – June 20)

Your card for the week: 10 of Cups – If a second chance appears, you may get a different result this time.

Everything is coming up roses in your domestic world this week! The 10 of Cups is a very positive card, signifying a harmonious home life and successful relationships.

You may end up spending more quality time than usual with your family, or it’s possible you see things blossom in matters of the heart. Take the time to look around you and give thanks to all the blessings you’re being showered with. It’s not very often we get to float on cloud nine, so enjoy every second of it!



Cancer Tarotscope (June 21 – July 22)

Your card for the week: Wheel of Fortune – Make no mistake, there’s a purpose behind everything that happens now.

The Wheel of Fortune reminds you this week that life is full of ups and down. If you’ve been going through a problematic time in your life, this card could signal an end to this difficult period.

If you’ve been going through a prosperous period, things could soon return to normal. Don’t lament this change — it is a natural part of growth and a natural part of life. Every experience you have serves a purpose in your understanding of yourself and your situations. Let this card serve as a reminder to embrace the ebbs and flows of life.



Leo Tarotscope (July 23 – Aug. 22)

Your card for the week: 7 of Swords – Are you feeling you are in competition over something or someone?

You can run, but you can’t hide this week! The 7 of Swords acknowledges you may be trying to avoid or escape a situation you’re better off confronting head-on.

Have you been putting off a tough conversation with a friend? Not yet ready to talk with your partner about where your relationship is headed? Are you letting the professional tension build rather than dealing with it? Remember, dodging this issue won’t make it better. In fact, it could even make it worse. The time to deal with this matter is now.



Virgo Tarotscope (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22)

Your card for the week: 7 of Cups –  Love and romance are back on the menu this week. And Mercury retrograde isn’t likely to stop you.

Have you felt like you’re juggling too many things at once? This week, the 7 of Cups recognizes you have many competing priorities, and while it’s noble to lend your energy to so many different things, it has proved impossible to give the right amount of attention to any one of them.

As a result, one or more of those areas have suffered. Choice can be our friend, but it can also be our enemy. Now is the time to figure out where your time and energy is best spent.


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